Get Smart: The Complete Collection

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Get Smart: The Complete Collection

Get the complete Get Smart collection plus bonus footage and exclusive booklets that commemorate this groundbreaking comedy show

Get the complete Get Smart collection plus bonus footage and exclusive booklets that commemorate this groundbreaking comedy show
138 Episodes on 25 DVDs

Incredible phone booth collector's box

USD$199.96 USD$99.98

Turn on your shoe phone - Agents 86 and 99 are calling!

The classic TV show Get Smart is here! You get all 138 original Get Smart episodes of the Emmy Award-winning series, each remastered and restored for flawless clarity, on 25 DVDs. PLUS you get over 9 hours of bonus material including never-before-seen bloopers, interviews and commentaries, rare TV footage and much more! All in a special phone booth collector's box with photos and booklets for each season of Get Smart!


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Season 1

Here at last is the first officially licensed DVD edition of Get Smart: Season 1. You get all 30 original Season 1 episodes, including the seldom seen pilot episode. PLUS you get a bonus disc with over 2 hours of bonus material including interviews and commentaries, introductions to every episode by Barbara Feldon (Agent 99), never-before-seen bloopers, a special booklet, and more.

  • Mr. Big (Pilot)

    Maxwell Smart must defeat the sinister Mr. Big, who is using a device called the Inthermo to threaten New York City. Michael Dunn, who would go on to star as The Wild Wild West's Dr. Miguelito Loveless, stars as KAOS's Mr. Big.

  • Diplomat's Daughter

    Numerous blondes have been kidnapped and Smart is assigned to protect a beautiful diplomat's daughter. He discovers the KAOS lair and tangles with The Claw (played by Leonard Strong), capturing him and his henchmen. 

  • School Days

    Smart goes undercover at the CONTROL spy school to find an undercover KAOS spy. Burt Mustin and Ellen Corby guest star as retired Control Agents 

  • Our Man In Toyland

    KAOS is secretly smuggling secrets out of the country. 99 discovers they are using a Department Store as a front and Polly Dollys to smuggle out the secrets. When one pulls the doll's string, Polly reveals top secrets. Max and 99 are trapped by KAOS. Using children's toys, Max and 99 attempt to fight their way to safety and stop KAOS' smuggling ring. John Hoyt guest stars as Herr Bunny (a spoof of Ernst Stavro Blofeld). A spoof of Our Man in Havana; the title is a spoof of Babes in Toyland. 

  • Now You See Him Now You Don't

    A doctor meets Max at his apartment and convinces him that he has escaped from KAOS with an invisibility ray. KAOS then attempts to kidnap Max as tries to figure out if the ray is real. The is based upon a common magician's dialogue with the audience. 

  • Washington 4, Indians 3

    Indians threaten to start a war if they don't get all of their land back. Smart is assigned to go into their camp and foil their plan. Will Smart and 99 save the United States from Native Americans? (Title changed to "Washington 4, Indians 3" for DVD release; "Redskins" was a common sports team name in the 1960s but is now considered potentially offensive.) The title is a parody of a sporting event's score and based on the American football team the Washington Redskins. 


    CONTROL hosts a conference for some of the smartest scientists on the planet, but KAOS has other plans which include a retrogressor gun, which emits a ray that retrogresses a person's psyche to the point where he or she becomes an eight-year-old child. Will Max's knowledge of Captain Kangaroo help him catch the KAOS agent? Mission Impossible's Barbara Bain guest stars as a Kaos agent/scientist in the CONTROL lab. 

  • The Day Smart Turned Chicken

    Smart is to testify against KAOS soon, so they devise situations to show that Smart is losing his mind. Will KAOS succeed in discrediting Smart? Simon Oakland and Howard Caine guest star as KAOS Agents. 

  • Satan Place

    KAOS kidnaps the Chief and prepare to give him mind-control surgery. Max pretends to be a doctor in order to try to free the Chief from Harvey Satan. Len Lesser (Seinfeld's Uncle Leo) has a small role as a KAOS agent. The title is based upon the book, film and television series "Peyton Place". 

  • Our Man In Leotards

    Emilio Naharana steals a new drug invented by CONTROL named Immobilo, in order to use it against the Ambassador of Pinerovia. Max and 99 disguise themselves in order to save the day. The title is based on the spy novel Our Man in Havana. 

  • Too Many Chiefs

    Alexi Sebastian, a master impersonator, attempts to kill someone who was about to reveal the secret of the KAOS coding system. Alexi disguises himself as the Chief to confuse the situation even more. The title is from the common expression, "Too many chefs spoil the broth." 

  • My Nephew The Spy

    Max stumbles upon a shoe store that just happens to be a KAOS communications center. Max is followed by a KAOS agent (Conrad Janis) who wants to kill him. The arrival of Max's aunt (Maudie Prickett) and uncle (Charles Lane) further complicates matters. 

  • Aboard the Orient Express

    CONTROL couriers aboard the Orient Express are being murdered in order to prevent them from delivering important information. Max and 99 get into a sticky situation while trying to solve the mystery. Cameo appearance by Johnny Carson as the train conductor (he appears in the credits as the "Special Guest Conductor"). A spoof of Murder on the Orient Express. 

  • Weekend Vampire

    CONTROL agents are found murdered with mysterious puncture marks on their necks. The investigation leads to the mysterious Dr. Drago. 

  • Survival of the Fattest

    Max has to protect an Arab prince, who must remain fat to retain his power. The title is from the common idiom "survival of the fittest." 

  • Double Agent

    Max has become a broken, drunk agent so that KAOS will probably try to recruit him as one of their agents. He eventually succeeds, but is assigned a difficult task. 

  • Kisses for KAOS

    After several buildings are inexplicably blown up, CONTROL follows the trail to an art gallery where a former chemist, debonair Rex Savage, has teamed up with painter Mondo to produce a series of explosive paintings. 99 disguises herself as an art expert with Max as her driver/butler as they try to get Savage's fingerprints and photograph, something that turns out to be more than complicated than expected. 

  • The Dead Spy Scrawls

    CONTROL tries to find the location of a KAOS communication center, which turns out to be in a pool hall. Appearance by Leonard Nimoy in a small role as a KAOS agent. 

  • Back To The Old Drawing Board

    KAOS is in interested in capturing Dr. Shotwire, a brilliant scientist whose work has been set 6 months back thanks to his bodyguard's helping hands (none other than those of Agent 86). The KAOS agent in charge of the kidnapping, Natz, also has a vendetta with Max who sent him to prison in the past. This is the first episode with Hymie (played by Dick Gautier), a KAOS-designed robot who Max convinces to join CONTROL. This episode is notable for an extended physical comedy routine involving Max and Hymie. 

  • All In The Mind

    Max poses as an insane colonel in order to prove that a KAOS psychiatrist is stealing confidential information revealed by his patients. This episode is notable for its use of a secret KAOS weapon: a phone booth that fills with water. 

  • Dear Diary

    Max must find the secret diary of a retired agent who lives at a rest home for retired spies. Burt Mustin and Ellen Corby guest star as retired Control Agents. 

  • Smart, The Assassin

    After being hypnotized by KAOS to kill the Chief, Max finds himself in a difficult situation while playing a game of chess. 

  • I'm Only Human

    Max convinces the Chief to take Fang out of retirement after some CONTROL agents are killed by their own dogs. Each of those agents had left their pets at an animal spa while they were traveling. What they forgot to check was whether the animals would be brainwashed before being returned to their owners. Special guest star Oscar Beregi, Jr.. 

  • Stakeout On Blue Mist Mountain

    A horde of KAOS agents are taking flights to Washington. Each one carries a piece of a bomb which is meant to explode near an American base. With the help of 44 (disguised as a piece of luggage), Max and the Chief capture one of KAOS's agents and force confidential information out of him. Guest star Ted Knight appears as a KAOS agent. 

  • The Amazing Harry Hoo

    The Claw ("Not the Craw! The Craw!") is back, and planning to lead Max into his deadly trap. His scheme leads Max and 99 to San Francisco as they follow a Chinese agent (Number 3) in the hopes that this will lead them to Number One (The Claw), the mastermind behind a smuggling operation that uses a laundromat as facade (through the real money is actually in the laundry). However, Max gets help from Harry Hoo (Joey Forman), a Charlie Chan type Chinese police inspector with a keen eye for detail, and two possibilities to explain anything. 

  • Hubert's Unfinished Symphony

    Max and the Chief are going to meet Hubert (a CONTROL agent and violin player) after his performance. When he bows at the end of his show, he gives Max and the Chief a signal that means he's in trouble. When they go backstage to meet with Hubert, they find him dead in his room. The only clue as to who killed him, is written in a piece of music on Hubert's desk. 

  • Ship of Spies, Part 1

    KAOS has stolen the plans to the nuclear amphibian battleship and hidden them on the freighter Lucky Star. A KAOS informant is about to give Max all the details when he's killed. The only clue is a clip-clop noise he makes as he walks. Max and 99 book passage and search for the clip-clop noise, which everyone on the ship seems to make. Agent 44 is also on-board to give them a hand, as well as help with planning a banana theft. 

  • Ship of Spies, Part 2

    Max and 99 continue their search for the plans that aren't plans. After investigating all of the spies on the ship, Max ends up asking Captain Graumann for help, which turns out to be a big mistake. Harold J. Stoneguest stars as KAOS Agent/Captain Graumann. 

  • Shipment to Beirut

    KAOS is using clothes designer Richelieu (Lee Bergere) to smuggle plans and one of the models tries to sell information to Max. When Max shows up at the boutique, somehow the model has become a mannequin. Furious that Max spent a ton of money and didn't get any information, the Chief takes Max off the case. 99 then goes undercover as a model (against the Chief's orders) and Max disguises himself as a mannequin in order to break the case. 

  • The Last One in Is a Rotten Spy

    Max is contacted by a member of the Russian swim team who has a list of KAOS agents and wants to use the list to defect. Unfortunately, Max can't remember her name so he has to go undercover as a swimming trainer to discover the defector. 99 and the Chief join him as they attempt to ferret out the potential defector. Alice Ghostley guest stars as one of the members of the Russian contingent. 

  • Special Features

    Over 2 hours of bonus material including bloopers reel, behind-the-scenes footage, show promos, and the Get Smart reunion seminar.

Season 2

The laughter continues with the second season of Get Smart. You'll get all 30 episodes from the hit second season on 5 DVDs, plus almost 2 hours of bonus footage and features. This classically funny set also includes the hilarious spy parody "Bronzefinger," and the three-part comic masterpiece, "A Man Called Smart."

  • Anatomy of a Lover

    KAOS reprograms Hymie to murder the Chief. After Max foils the attempt, and unable to go through with dismantling him, he hides Hymie in his apartment. Posing as Max's cousin, Hymie meets the Chief's niece who immediately becomes smitten with the robot. KAOS again reprograms Hymie, and this time, he's out to kill Max! 

  • Strike While the Agent Is Hot

    A CONTROL agent contacting Max is shot on duty. Before he dies, he puts Max in charge of the "Spy's Guild" labor negotiations. 

  • A Spy For a Spy

    The Chief is kidnapped by KAOS Vice President of Public Relations and Terror, Siegfried (Bernie Kopell, in his first appearance in this recurring role). Max retaliates by kidnapping KAOS's top assassin. After this, a war of kidnappings takes place, which culminates in Max and Siegfried being the only ones who haven't been kidnapped. 
  • The Only Way to Die

    After Max is almost killed by KAOS agents Perry and Carter, the Chief arranges to fake his death to everyone so they can use information Max has in order to discover the identity of "The Blaster," a KAOS agent who each year blows up a national monument in Washington D.C. 

  • Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine

    Max has to impersonate a safe cracker named Jimmy Ballantine, a recently released convict. CONTROL makes KAOS believe Ballantine's face was burned, allowing Max to have his face wrapped in bandages so KAOS won't recognize him. CONTROL believes the barber shop rendez-vous point is a KAOS front. 99 poses as a manicurist & Agent 13 is in the towel steamer. The KAOS agents want Max to open the vault of a federal reserve bank. 99 doesn't know which one, so the Chief has all the banks vaults left unlocked. Max opens the vault, KAOS guys are removing the money & plan to kill Max, when he gets the drop on them & their plan backfires. 99 & the Chief arrive & Max accidentally locks the Chief in the vault. A spoof of Alias Jimmy Valentine. 

  • Casablanca

    The Choker kills the man Max was protecting. After the Chief orders him to go on vacation, Max decides instead to pursue the Choker to Casablanca. 

  • The Decoy

    CONTROL makes KAOS believe that Max is carrying a secret code. Max is captured by KAOS, subjecting him to their truth serum. 

  • Hoo Done It

    Max and Harry Hoo try to solve a murder of an agent in a tropical hotel. This is a parody of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". 

  • Rub-a-Dub-Dub... Three Spies in a Sub

    Max and Agent 99 go on a dangerous mission to destroy a KAOS computer on an island. However, they are captured by a KAOS sub commanded by Siegfried. 

  • The Greatest Spy on Earth

    Max and Agent 99 go undercover to a circus in order to find a KAOS smuggling ring. Special guest star Paul Dooley, and with a notable performance by Mickey Manners as the half man/half woman Gertrude/Gerald. 

  • Island of the Darned

    86 and 99 are stranded on a KAOS-controlled island where they must fight for their lives. Special guest star Harold Gould as the man-hunting sociopath Hans Hunter. The episode is a spoof of The Most Dangerous Game. 

  • Bronzefinger

    Max has to learn about art in order to to try to capture Bronzefinger, a thief and smuggler of valuable bronze statues. Will Max and 99 end up as Bronze statues? A spoof of Goldfinger.

  • Perils in a Pet Shop

    Max is following a KAOS Agent who is smuggling a parrot. While questioning the parrot, it is freed by his lawyer. Max and 99 trail him to a pet shop, where Max learns that the pet shop is a cover for Melnick, the Smiling Killer. While trying to break into the pet shop after hours, Max, 99, and Fang are captured. They learn that the parrots are being used to memorize secret information and then smuggled out of the country. This is Fang's final appearance on the series. 

  • The Whole Tooth and...

    While carrying plans for a nuclear reactor, Max runs into KAOS Agents. Quickly, he hides the plans on an unsuspecting stranger, who turns out to be a convict headed for Joliet Penitentiary. Max later has to pretend to be a convict and go to jail to get them back. 

  • Kiss of Death

    A rich socialite woman pretends to be in love with Max in order to seek vengeance. Max had killed her father, a KAOS operative, a year earlier. 

  • It Takes One to Know One

    Octavia is destroying all of the number two men of CONTROL, so Hymie becomes the new number two man. But as it turns out, Hymie might have been precisely the right "person" for this job, as there is something we don't know about Octavia... 

  • Someone Down Here Hates Me

    KAOS puts up a reward to kill Max and announces that their annual party will be canceled if they don't kill him, causing only more trouble for Max. 

  • Cutback at CONTROL

    As a Senate sub-committee threatens to shut down CONTROL, Siegfried invites Max to become an agent for KAOS. 

  • The Man From Yenta

    CONTROL works with Israeli agent #498 (Alan Oppenheimer) to protect an Arab prince, but everything goes awry. (Working title: "He Should Live and Be Well".)

  • The Mummy

    Max investigates a Washington museum where KAOS is smuggling agents into the country in mummy cases. 

  • The Girls from KAOS

    Miss USA, who happens to be the daughter of an important American scientist, contacts Max after finding that her life is in danger. Max has to protect her during the next competition as well as finding which of the fellow contestants is really the KAOS assassin.

  • Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho

    When a CONTROL Agent is killed (made to look like an accident) while undercover, Max is assigned to investigate his death and to find out how a man name Frank Lloyd Joshua is causing high-rise buildings to explode. This episode introduces CONTROL agent Charlie Watkins. 

  • Where-What-How-Who Am I?

    86 overhears a plot to kill scientists but Max suffers amnesia in a car crash, or so we are led to believe. KAOS uses a creative way to protect this information. 

  • The Expendable Agent

    A British scientist who came to America to reveal a new rocket fuel formula hides at Max's apartment. This episode focuses on how, in the spy business, agents can be "expendable"... but who, in this episode, will that "expendable" agent be? 

  • How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying

    Max and 99 are saved by Siegfried, who claims he wants to defect. This is the first episode which stars King Moody as Siegfried's inept assistant Shtarker. The episode is a spoof of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. 

  • Appointment in Sahara

    KAOS gets a hold of nuclear bombs, threatening to blackmail the world into disarmament. The Chief gets a lead of the whereabouts of the bombs, sending Max and 99 to the Sahara desert to try to save the day. Vic Tayback guest stars. 

  • Pussycats Galore

    Max gets a tip that important scientists begin to go missing right after attending the Pussycat Club. To infiltrate the club, the Chief assigns Max and 99 to go undercover as two married German scientists while agent Charlie Watkins poses as an employee. Ted Knight guest stars.

  • A Man Called Smart, Part I

    Part 1 of 3. After KAOS agents steal DRY-UP, a water evaporation formula, they threaten to eradicate the water supply of the United States. Max has to go undercover as a KAOS informant to save the country. Howard Caine, also known as Hogan's Heroes Major Hochstetter, plays two roles as CONTROL scientist Dr. Smith and as actor/informant Russell Bediyoskin. 

  • A Man Called Smart, Part II

    CONTROL's first chief, 91-year-old Admiral Hardgrade (William Schallert), is appointed by President Johnson to take charge of CONTROL during the crisis. The Chief, Max, and 99 go into the field to uncover who is behind the DRY-UP caper. However, when KAOS traps them in a hospital, the Chief is wounded. 

  • A Man Called Smart, Part III

    After 99 foils a KAOS assassination attempt on the Chief in his hospital room, Max and 99 eventually wind up at Panamint studios in Los Angeles in their investigation of the DRY-UP caper. Can they discover who is the mastermind before KAOS dries up the Mississippi River? 

  • Leonard Stern Interview

  • Barbara Feldon: Real Model to Role Model

  • 1967 Emmy Broadcast

  • Bloopers

  • Get Smart Reunion Seminar, 2003

  • Don Adams' 75th Birthday Celebration

Season 3

Get Smart's unforgettable third season is a must-own collection of quintessential television comedy from start to finish. Includes the Emmy ® Award-winning episode "Maxwell Smart: Private Spy," featuring guest appearances from Joey Bishop, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles and many more.

  • The Spy Who Met Himself

    The KAOS League of Impostors attempts to take over CONTROL from within by means of replacing agents with lookalike impostors. They even have one of Max.

  • Viva Smart

    Max and 99 are sent to a Latin American republic to rescue a President who has been overthrown & imprisoned by a maniacal army general dictator.

  • Witness for the Persecution

    Smart has to testify against a recently captured well-known KAOS agent. With the trial date in two weeks, KAOS tries numerous methods to kill him during that time to make sure he doesn't reach the courthouse. Will Smart outsmart dozens of KAOS Killers?
  • The Spirit is Willing

    Max's informer turns out to be a woman who died before Max could have met her, suggesting that supernatural forces are at work. In order to get enough evidence, Max must attend a séance.

  • Maxwell Smart, Private Eye

    Cutbacks at CONTROL mean part-time work for all of its agents. Max decides to set up shop as a private detective with 99 as his secretary.

  • Supersonic Boom

    After an effective demonstration on the Chief's office, KAOS threatens to use their new supersonic boom machine to destroy New York City. Max and 99 must find where the machine is located, but KAOS has planned a way to confuse and disorient them. 

  • One of Our Olives Is Missing

    KAOS has planted a listening device in what appears to be an ordinary olive. The olive, however, is inadvertently consumed by a country and western singing star.

  • When Good Fellow Get Together

    KAOS creates the super-robot Groppo to destroy CONTROL's robot Hymie. Max must help Hymie defend himself, but Hymie may be too "nice" to be willing to use violence.

  • Dr. Yes

    After recent American rocket launches go awry, Max and 99 masquerade as vacationers to track down the KAOS mastermind behind the sabotage, the evil Dr. Yes. 

  • That Old Gang Of Mine

    In London to help the British section of CONTROL, Max assumes the identity of a safecracker named Scar in order to infiltrate a group of thieves known as the Scorpion Gang who plan to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.

  • The Mild Ones

    A foreign prime minister is kidnapped by a group of surprisingly literate hippie gang members known as the Purple Knights, who see themselves as a modern group of Arthurian Knights of the Round Table who ride motorcycles and speak in Middle Ages slang. Max and 99 must pass as new gang members to save the prime minister.

  • Classification: Dead

    Max is poisoned by a KAOS agent and has until 1 PM the following day to find the antidote. Special guest star John Fiedler as the KAOS poisoner/fitness expert Mr. Hercules.

  • The Mysterious Dr. T

    A top scientist is being protected by CONTROL but is poisoned during Max's watch. Before dying, he admits he has plagiarized all his major scientific findings from another scientist, the mysterious Dr. T. Neither CONTROL nor KAOS knows who this scientist is, and Max and Siegfried compete to discover the scientist's identity...which turns out to be quite a surprising discovery!

  • The King Lives

    Max poses as the King of Coronia, a person whom he strongly physically resembles, in order to uncover the party behind an assassination attempt made against the King shortly before his coronation.

  • The Groovy Guru

    A hippie disk jockey called the Groovy Guru (played by guest star Larry Storch) seeks to control the minds of teenagers through his radio show.

  • The Little Black Book, Part I

    Max's army buddy Sid (played by guest star Don Rickles) is in town to visit, but Max is involved in a case. Sid discovers a "black book" full of women's names, and assumes it is a list of women Max knows socially. It is in fact a list of KAOS code names, and when Sid uses the black book to make a phone call, he inadvertently involves both of them in a web of intrigue.

  • The Little Black Book, Part II

    Having found out that Max is a spy, Sid joins him in his search for the black book and the infamous Maestro, a top KAOS assassin.

  • Don't Look Back

    In this parody of The Fugitive, Max gets framed by KAOS and must escape from the police and prove his innocence.

  • 99 Loses CONTROL

    99 resigns from CONTROL to accept a marriage proposal from Victor Royal, played by Jacques Bergerac, owner of an international casino. Max follows 99 to the casino, out of jealousy. But Royal is actually, on top of it all, a KAOS agent.

  • The Wax Max

    An amusement park attendant inadvertently gives Max and 99 a kewpie doll at a shooting gallery game. The doll is really a way for KAOS to smuggle plutonium out of the country. Shortly after, KAOS finds out and hunts down 86 and 99 at the park, ultimately leading them to the evil Waxman, a villain who turns his victims into wax statues. Will Max and 99 become permanent wax statues?

  • Operation Ridiculous

    A magazine writer is doing a story on CONTROL. This article could make CONTROL look good, which would mean more approprations from the federal government. A bad review could put CONTROL out of business, which would help KAOS advance their evil plans without resistance. To try to influence this outcome, KAOS plots to do what it can to make Max look even more stupid, inept, clueless and ridiculous than usual.

  • Spy, Spy, Birdie

    A man who hates noise devises a silent explosive. Finding both CONTROL and KAOS unwilling to back his agenda, he turns the silent explosive on both spy organizations. Max and Siegfried must team up to oppose the man. But can Max trust Siegfried not to act in a self-interested way?

  • Run, Robot, Run

    Hymie must compete for the Free World in an athletic event against competitors from the Iron Curtain countries, after KAOS does what it can to fix things. The KAOS agents Mr. Sneed and Mrs. Neal (parodies of John Steed and Emma Peel from The Avengers) must stop Hymie at all costs.

  • The Hot Line

    A KAOS voice impersonator (John Byner) fires The Chief over the phone while pretending to be President Johnson. Max becomes the new Chief; The Chief reverts to his old status as Agent Q, and realizes he can only save his old job by discovering the location of a KAOS communications center. The title refers to telephone connection between the White House and the Kremlin set up after the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost caused nuclear war.

  • Die, Spy

    This episode has Max teaming up with a CONTROL agent named Samuels to pose as a ping-pong champ in a tournament in Istanbul in order to defeat ACB, the "third spy network" (a parody of the ABC television network).

  • The Reluctant Redhead

    CONTROL has discovered that a writer of children's books named Mimsi Sage strongly resembles the deceased wife of a man named Kinsey Krispin (Cesar Romero) with a list of KAOS informers that CONTROL would very much like to have. Max trains Mimsi to pretend to be the deceased wife; no easy task, as this requires the mousy writer to act like the jet-setting Mrs. Amanda Krispin.

  • Bruce Bilson (Director) Interview

  • Spooks, Spies, Gadgets and Gizmos

  • Bloopers

Season 4

Agent 99, The Chief and the rest of the fearless Get Smart gang are back for another action-packed season of classic comedy. Includes the legendary two-part special, The Not-So-Great Escape, featuring the agents' breakout from a sinister KAOS P.O.W. camp in New Jersey.

  • The Impossible Mission

    Max and 99 infiltrate Herb Talbot's Tijuana Tin (a parody of Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass) to stop KAOS agent The Leader from smuggling the Hellman theory out of the country. This is the episode in which Max reveals his feelings for 99 and first kiss, ultimately agreeing to marry 99 if they both survive this dangerous mission. A spoof of Mission Impossible.

  • Snoopy Smart vs. The Red Baron

    KAOS has devised a new way of destroying the American potato crop, and Max and 99 have to find out how they're doing it. The trail leads to Siegfried, Shtarker, and an aerial dogfight over Twin Falls, Idaho — which is where 99's mother (Jane Dulo) lives. Max and 99 are torn between their desire to stop KAOS from taking over the world and... their desire to have Max make a good impression on 99's mother. A spoof of Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron.

  • Closely Watched Planes

    After CONTROL couriers disappear from airplanes during mid-flight, Max becomes the courier for the next flight, backed up by 99 posing as a flight attendant. Max and 99 have to figure out which of 3 suspect passengers on their flight are behind this KAOS scheme. The title of the episode is a play on the title of the film Closely Watched Trains. 

  • The Secret of Sam Vittorio

    Gangster Sam Vittorio is dying, and he will only reveal the location of his stolen loot to his proteges Connie and Floyd... who look suspiciously like 99 and Max. (This episode is a Bonnie and Clyde parody; the title is a parody of The Secret of Santa Vittoria.) 

  • Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend

    Max visits a jewelry store to buy a reasonably-priced engagement ring for 99. The owner of the jewelry store is being threatened by KAOS and slips Max a diamond ring that's actually worth $275,000. Tracking down the KAOS jewelry smuggling operation ultimately leads Max and 99 to a bowling alley. The title is a play on the song Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend. 

  • The Worst Best Man

    One by one, KAOS knocks off people who have agreed to be Max's best man for his upcoming wedding with 99. Because of his presumed indestructibility, Max ultimately chooses Hymie to be his best man. However, KAOS intercepts Hymie using him as a container in which they place a bomb — the objective being to send Hymie back to Max's bachelor party and blow up all the CONTROL agents in attendance. 

  • A Tale of Two Tails

    Max substitutes at the CONTROL spy school for a day, helping two new agents Agents 198 (Fred Willard) and 199 who are lacking in their tailing skills. As a good exercise, Max has the new agents tail 99, who is on her day off, as she completes errands and shops for the upcoming wedding. However, unbeknownst to Max, the Chief had assigned 99 to pick up components of a scientific formula, leading the rookie agents to think she is acting suspiciously. Of course 99 spots the rookies right away and assumes that they must be KAOS agents. There is also a funny scene between Max and the Chief involving the Cone of Silence. The title of the episode references Dickens' Tale of two cities. 

  • The Return of the Ancient Mariner

    Max has to protect Admiral Hargrade from the evil Chameleon, whose ability to disguise himself is legendary. The Chief orders Max to select the Admiral to be his best man at the wedding so that Max will have a cover to keep an eye on the Admiral at all times. Since no one knows what the Chameleon looks like, paranoia runs rampant at the Smart domicile — even "Mr. Bob" (Jack Cassidy), the interior decorator for the apartment, is mistaken for the wily master of disguise. The title of the episode references Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 

  • With Love and Twitches

    KAOS scientist Dr. Madre (Alan Oppenheimer) passes information on the location of the Melnick uranium mine to Max, in the form of a "drinkable map". Max must stay upright for the next 48 hours, or else the map will not break out properly as a rash on his chest. Unfortunately, Max's marriage and honeymoon with 99 are planned for those 48 hours. Will Max and 99 manage to get married, despite all of Max's difficulties? The title is a play on the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales: "Cinderella" & "Snow White" 

  • The Laser Blazer

    Max's assignment in Hong Kong is to get a new secret weapon from a tailor (Leonard Strong). The new weapon, as it turns out, is a man's blazer with a button on it that activates a laser beam of great strength — a "laser blazer". However, Max doesn't know that the blazer is the weapon... in his view, he's left the tailor's shop merely with a sportscoat he didn't want. Confusion ensues afterward as various people activate the laser by mistake. Julie Newmar guest stars as the new maid 99 hires who is really an undercover KAOS agent after the sportscoat. 

  • The Farkas Fracas

    Max and 99's neighbors, the Farkases (Tom Bosley and Alice Ghostley), are in the employ of KAOS. When KAOS needs the contents of an attaché case the Chief is carrying, Mrs. Farkas arranges to supply 99 with a dessert for the supper she has prepared for Max and the Chief... a poisoned mousse. While Max and the Chief suffer the gastric effects of the mousse, Mr. Farkas is to go in and capture the contents of the case. But will the evening yet be saved? 

  • Temporarily Out of CONTROL

    Max and the Chief are suspiciously issued activation notices for their Naval Reserve contracts. This conveniently requires of them that they enter active duty on board a Navy ship while KAOS nefariously plans activities on the mainland. Max is a officer and the Chief is a common seaman named John Doe! 

  • Schwartz's Island

    While on their honeymoon, Max and 99 become stranded at sea, owing to the fact that the boat they were sailing on exploded (due, as usual, to Max's inept behavior). They end up on an island in the Caribbean which, as it turns out, is synthetic and was designed by KAOS scientist Schwartz. Stationed on the island are Siegfried and Shtarker, who are there running a massive electromagnetic device. Their plan is to attract the entire U.S. Sixth Fleet, which will just happen to pass by the island in a short amount of time. The episode is a spoof of Gilligan's Island; a show produced by Sherwood Schwartz. 

  • One Nation Invisible

    Max is assigned to protect Dr. Canyon, the inventor of an invisibility spray. Because Dr. Canyon has sprayed herself with said invisibility spray, Max has no idea she is a beautiful woman. This becomes a problem when Max has to protect Dr. Canyon at his apartment in the middle of the night. Returning home from assignment, 99 arrives back at the apartment just as Dr. Canyon's invisibility spray is wearing off. The title is a parody of the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States, "one nation indivisible". 

  • Hurray for Hollywood

    Max and 99 go undercover as stage actors to try to learn how KAOS is smuggling scientific information out of the country. But KAOS learns the new actors (if one indeed can call Max an "actor") are CONTROL agents and therefore plots Max's demise by putting real bullets in the stage prop gun used in the play. Will this cause a new twist in the plot? The title is a parody of the 1934 standard Hooray for Hollywood. 

  • The Day They Raided the Knights

    It's budget-cutting time at CONTROL and 99, who has less seniority, is temporarily laid off. Rather than be idle, she manages to find a job at a stamp redemption center (the late 1960s was the heyday of S & H Green Stamps). However, the redemption center is a KAOS munitions depot that CONTROL has been actively looking for. With most of the CONTROL agents away from town on a false lead, KAOS uses the opportunity to distribute its new weapon to its agents: a stereophonic gun (two guns mounted left-right on a common trigger base). Will 99 be able to alert CONTROL in time? The title is a parody of the movie The Night They Raided Minsky's. 

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    The Tequila Mockingbird (a statue rather like the Maltese Falcon) has been recovered by Esmerelda, a CONTROL operative posing as a cantina showgirl in a sleepy Mexican town called Mira Loma. KAOS kills Esmerelda during her performance but she has hidden the statue beforehand. Max (undercover as a down and out doctor) and 99 (undercover as a Spanish singer, who performs Cielito Lindo as part of her act) have to figure out the clue that was left behind to find where the statue is hidden, leading to a mexican standoff between Max and two rival KAOS agents. The episode is a spoof of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The title is a play on Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird. 

  • I Shot 86 Today

    Max and 99 visit a golf club, getting a tip where the adjacent missile base will be attacked later that day. Recently, two other missile bases near golf courses have also been attacked, and the Chief believes the Pomona Golf Course will be the next place this will happen. Will Max and 99 be able to stop the next attack? Will they at least be able to play through? 

  • Absorb the Greek

    Max and 99 have been ordered from higher up to tail the Chief based on his recent behavior. The Chief goes to a computer dating service, and shortly thereafter begins to date a young Greek girl. However, the Chief is under deep cover, as the girl is the wife of scientist Dr. Paponickolini and she is using her "dates" with the Chief to pass information to him about the findings of her husband, who is working on a "fountain of youth" formula. The episode is a spoof of Zorba the Greek. 

  • To Sire, With Love, Part I

    The King of Coronia (Don Adams), the very Ronald Colman-like king whom we met in the Season 3 episode "The King Lives," is in the United States on official Coronian business. A plot against him by the swashbuckling yet devious Rupert of Rathskeller (played by an uncredited James Caan) may come to fruition unless Max can pass himself off successfully as his lookalike. However, things are more complicated this time around, as Max is now married to 99, and he fears that the charming King may be doing more to sweep 99 off her feet than he can. The title of the episode is a play on the film To Sir, With Love. 

  • To Sire, With Love, Part II

    99's confusion makes Max jealous and leads to marital coolness in the Smart household. In the meantime, Rupert of Rathskeller has kidnapped the King. Max finds a network of underground tunnels beneath the Coronian embassy where the King is being held. Rupert awaits Max to execute his plan to solve the confusion of the King and his lookalike: Get rid of them both. 

  • Shock It to Me

    Max is undercover as a truck driver carrying valuable electronics as three similar shipments have already been hijacked by KAOS. Max is duped out of his shipment as well, but is able to identify the hijacker except the Chief tells him that he's deceased. Morgue records confirm this but also shows who signed out the body: a mad KAOS scientist, Dr. Zharko (Tom Poston, who was originally considered for the role of Maxwell Smart) who may have figured out how to revive dead agents. Max and 99 head out to his Newfoundland hideout to stop him. The title is a parody of the Judy Carne gag line from the comedy series Laugh-In "Sock it to me!" 

  • Leadside

    Captured by Max, a wheelchair-bound KAOS agent named Leadside claims he will escape, then destroy CONTROL and then kill Max. He does escape, he does seemingly destroy CONTROL, and so the only thing left is to kill Max. A parody of Raymond Burr's Ironside. 

  • Greer Window

    Max is shot in his own personal "rear window" while apprehending a KAOS agent. Because he is out of commission whilst his gluteus maximus heals, he must stay at home for a couple weeks. Since the TV is not working properly, he passes the time reading magazines and occasionally looking out his window with a pair of binoculars to see what is going on in the building across the street. By a strange coincidence, however, the case the Chief and 99 are working upon involves the people in the Greer Industries office across the street. A parody of Hitchcock's Rear Window. 

  • The Not-So-Great-Escape, Part I

    Over a period of 6 months, 20 CONTROL agents have disappeared, and it's Max's job to protect agent Michael Kendall as he gets on a plane. Unfortunately, Kendall becomes KAOS abductee #21 right from under Max's nose. After the Chief goes missing, Max tries to arrange for himself to be kidnapped in a similar fashion, and uncovers the kidnapping method. It turns out that the CONTROL agents are being housed in a secret prison camp somewhere in New Jersey, which is run by Siegfried and Shtarker. Max visits the camp undercover as a top-ranking KAOS official in hopes of rescuing the prisoners. A parody of The Great Escape, and probably also in no small measure of the contemporary television show Hogan's Heroes. 

  • The Not-So-Great-Escape, Part II

    Smart's disguise is uncovered and is captured. He and the Chief try various escape methods, but each time Siegfried appears to have an upper hand causing their attempts to fail. The Chief realizes that there must be an informer in the camp and devises a plan to fool the informer. 

  • Bernie Kopell Interview

  • Barbara Feldon Interview

  • Featurette - Code Words and Catch Phrases

  • Interactive Feature - Max's Apartment

Season 5

Now you can own the fifth and final season of Get Smart on DVD. Includes the history-making final episode in the series, "I Am Curiously Yellow."

  • Pheasant Under Glass

    Professor Pheasant is being held prisoner by KAOS within an impregnable glass dome. Smart and 99 try everything to break the glass but have to flee when KAOS agents discover their rescue attempt. On their way out, 99 reveals to Max that she's pregnant. The Chief organizes another rescue attempt by using a CONTROL operatic singer whose high notes can shatter any type of glass with Max undercover as her accompanying pianist. To further complicate things, Max has to get spray-on plastic surgery: he blew his secret agent cover in the euphoria of finding out that he will be a father. Martin Landau and Phyllis Diller have cameos as Max's plastic surgery results.

  • Ironhand

    IH Industries acquires KAOS, led by a man with an iron fist named Ironhand. He manages to infiltrate CONTROL headquarters, but did not find what he was looking for: the Anti-Anti-Anti-Missile-Missile plans. The Chief decides the best way to transport the plans to safety is to assign Max and 99 to Operation Baby Buggy Switch. A spoof of Ironside (TV Series).

  • Valerie of the Dolls

    CONTROL finds out that KAOS is planning to destroy California by using a very powerful bomb whose formula is being delivered in 3 parts. The Chief and Max track down one of the parts to the Valerie School for Expectant Fathers and then enroll as students to find out the method used to deliver the formula. A spoof of Valley of the Dolls.

  • Widow Often Annie

    The Chief orders Max to romance and betroth Ann Cameron, a beautiful widow suspected of murdering her 12 CONTROL agent husbands for their life insurance money, which she then donates to KAOS. Unfortunately, the wedding coincides with The Smarts' first wedding anniversary, much to 99's dismay. A spoof of Little Orphan Annie.

  • The Treasure of C. Errol Madre

    KAOS heists 5 straight federal payrolls, putting CONTROL into severe financial straits. The Chief sends Max, disguised as recently-deceased prospector Frogsie Debbs, to Mira Lodo, Mexico, to find Debbs' old partner C. Errol Madre. Debbs and Madre had charted a map leading to a gold find, with each keeping one half of the map until one day they join forces again to get the gold. A successful impersonation of Debbs by Max could recover enough gold to help restore CONTROL's operations. A spoof of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

  • Smart Fell on Alabama

    Because he failed to retrieve a little red code book from a KAOS courier, Max has to train three skilled convicts (a pickpocket, strongman, and safe-cracker) to break into a highly fortified mansion where the code book is being kept. The mansion just happens to belong to a southern Colonel who owns a successful chain of restaurants. A spoof of Colonel Sanders chicken restaurants. The title is based on the 1934 jazz standard " Stars Fell on Alabama".

  • And Baby Makes Four, Part I

    CONTROL has been looking for the location of the new KAOS headquarters for the last 4 months. A new lead has Max doing the surveillance of the bus station on the lookout for KAOS agent Simon the Likable (Jack Gilford), who will receive directions on how to get to the new headquarters covertly slipped into his trenchcoat while its rests on a coat hook. Max receives a call from 99, saying it's time to go to the hospital to give birth. Max rushes out, taking Simon's coat by mistake; Max had instructions on how to get to the hospital in his coat. Max and 99 wind up using the wrong map and end up at KAOS's new HQ instead of the maternity ward.

  • And Baby Makes Four, Part II

    Max discovers their destination is actually the new KAOS HQ. Grabbing 99, they promptly escape and head for the hospital with KAOS in hot pursuit. Upon arrival and with 99 safe in the delivery room giving birth to twins, a showdown ensues in the hospital lobby between CONTROL, KAOS, and 99's mother.

  • Physician Impossible

    Max has Big Eddie Little in custody but his friends help him escape. Max is able to wound him but he gets away. While visiting their newborns at the hospital, Max and 99 are mistaken for a doctor and his nurse who are then kidnapped to Eddie's hideout to treat the gunshot wound inflicted by Max. A spoof of Mission: Impossible.

  • The Apes of Rath

    Six CONTROL agents have been murdered in the last month by someone with incredible strength. The only clue is that each agent received a banana in the mail the morning that they were killed. It is soon deduced that the killer is an ape. 99 alerts Max that he's received a banana, prompting the Chief to assign Agent 77, Chuck Armstrong, to protect Max. The name of the episode is a takeoff on The Grapes of Wrath; the episode itself is a takeoff on King Kong.

  • Age Before Duty

    Max is bewildered when his young 28-year-old contact dies of old age. It turns out that KAOS has paid $100,000 to a person who has developed voodoo paint, which causes aging once the paint is applied on the photo of the intended target. Before long, everyone at CONTROL is aging rapidly, except Larrabee. A spoof of The Picture of Dorian Gray and the expression "age before beauty".

  • Is This Trip Necessary

    KAOS pharmacist Jarvis Pym (Vincent Price) threatens to poison the Washington water supply with a hallucinogenic drug which causes people to suffer bad dreams. The title is from the World War II slogan to limit the amount of wartime travelling.

  • Ice Station Siegfried

    It's August but Max and the Chief are snowed in at Miami. In fact, the weather is unusually erratic all over. The Chief assigns 99 while the CIA assigns Agent Quigley (Bill Dana) to investigate who may be manipulating the weather this way. A lead sends the duo to Wolf Jaw,Canada where they make contact with two Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables: Siegfried and Shtarker. A spoof of Ice Station Zebra. Note: Don Adams only appears in the cold open of this episode.

  • Moonlighting Becomes You

    After 99 objects to doing simple assignments after marriage and motherhood, the Chief assigns her to find out how a radio drama is transmitting coded messages to KAOS. The title comes from the 1942 popular song "Moonlight Becomes You".

  • House of Max, Part I

    Max and 99 go to London to investigate a modern-day Jack the Ripper, and to meet another evil Waxman. A spoof of House of Wax.

  • House of Max, Part II

    After surviving an attack by a wax werewolf, Max covertly infiltrates the wax museum. He poses as a wax sculpture of Hitler in order to catch Duval in the act of bringing his waxworks (some of which include W.C. Fields and Laurel and Hardy ) to life in order to kill.

  • Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm

    Max drops a courier package from a plane and it lands on the roof of a mansion. In an effort to retrieve the package, Max and 99 have to infiltrate the house and deal with the kooky inhabitants. The matriarch of the household, Mrs. Van Hooten, thinks that 99 is her long-lost sister Rebecca. A spoof of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

  • The Mess of Adrian Listenger

    While attending the funeral of the latest CONTROL Agent who was mysteriously killed, Max, 99, and The Chief are shocked to find a carved headstone with Max's name on it. It is believed that Adrian Listenger, a CONTROL spy school dropout, is taking his revenge by systematically killing off agents who got him expelled — and his hit list includes both Max and the Chief. Guest star Pat Paulsen as "Ace Weems/Adrian Listenger" A spoof of The List of Adrian Messenger.

  • Witness for the Execution

    KAOS agent Dietrich has decided to defect and become an informant. Although this is good news, the Chief is still concerned, seeing that no KAOS defector has ever lived long enough to testify. With the Smarts' nanny unavailable, the Chief's plan is to have Dietrich disguised as the nanny and staying with Max. The local KAOS branch hires the Exterminator, a top assassin (and accountant) for hire, who uses his arsenal of booby traps, arrows, and bombs to try to kill Dietrich. A spoof of Witness for the Prosecution.

  • How Green Was My Valet

    Max and 99 pose as valet and maid at the Bulmanian Embassy in order to recover a stolen sample of rocket fuel. Meanwhile, Larabee and the Chief have to babysit the twins... with hilarious results. The title is a play on "How Green Was My Valley". A spoof of National Velvet. Jonathan Harris guest stars as KAOS Agent/Bulmanian Ambassador.

  • And Only Two Ninety-Nine

    Max comes home from work one evening to find 99 in bed, with a black eye. She's actually an impostor — the real 99 (who gave her the black eye) was kidnapped by KAOS but had escaped, and was now with the Chief — but the Chief orders Max to pretend that he's taken in by the deception while 99 and the Chief try to find out what KAOS is up to.

  • Smartacus

    Max and the Chief investigate a series of security leaks that seem to be connected to a chain of Roman Bath spas. A spoof of Spartacus (1960 film).

  • What's It All About, Algie?

    Max poses as a gardener to infiltrate a nursery that is selling plants with hidden surveillance bugs to key people in Washington. The nursery's owner, Algie DeGrasse, starts to suspect that Max is actually from CONTROL and plans to feed him to his newest acquisition: a giant man-eating plant. A spoof of Alfie (1966 film). John van Dreelen guest stars as KOAS Agent Algie DeGrasse.

  • Hello Columbus, Goodbye America

    CONTROL has learned that the direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, Gino Columbus, is the rightful owner of the United States. Max is assigned to guard Gino once he flies in to Washington and meets with the President to sign the country back over. However, Max and Gino are captured by KAOS, who would prefer that Gino sign over America to KAOS. A spoof of Goodbye, Columbus.

  • Do I Hear a Vaults

    The Chief meets Smart at a public library to recover a special book. The book is a master list of CONTROL agents but its hiding place has now been compromised. Max and Larrabee transport the book in an armored car to a bank vault, but Max accidentally locks the vault door on both the Chief and Larrabee. As the vault only has a limited amount of air, Max and 99 decide to get an imprisoned safecracker but come back with a convicted master forger instead. Will the Chief and Larrabee be freed in time? A spoof of Do I Hear a Waltz?

  • I Am Curiously Yellow

    While investigating a villain known as the Whip, Max is hypnotized by his special gong to obey his every command at specific times. Max is eventually instructed to steal the NARCO 5-12, a powerful prototype weapon, from the Chief's safe. When the Chief confronts Max about the theft, he has no recollection of it. A spoof of I Am Curious (Yellow).

  • Don Adams Memorial

  • The Ultimate Get Smart

  • Interactive Feature

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