Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy

338 Episodes on 40 DVDs

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Go go Power Rangers!

Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, fitness, responsibility and helping others, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers follows the thrilling and humorous adventures of ordinary teens who “morph” into extraordinary superheroes. 

Get exclusive in-depth bonus content, including a retrospective featurette on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers phenomenon, brand new interviews with the cast and creative teams, and much, much more on three bonus material DVDs! Plus receive a collectible Red Ranger figurine as our gift to you.

Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Order. This collection is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

Season 1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"Teleport to us 5 overbearing and overemotional humans." "No! Not that! Not teenagers!" "That's correct, Alpha." "I was afraid of that." To meet the threat of Rita Repulsa and her gang, Zordon & Alpha 5 recruit Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini & Billy.

  • Day of the Dumpster

    Following the accidental release of long-imprisoned evil space-sorceress Rita Repulsa, a benevolent sage known as Zordon drafts a group of five teenagers to help protect the planet as dino-powered warriors of goodness.

  • High Five

    Rita schemes to do to the Rangers what she did to Zordon long ago, and trap them inside a Time Warp. Meanwhile, Trini must confront her fear of heights to rescue Billy when he's chased up a mountain by Rita's Putty Patrollers.

  • Teamwork

    Kim & Trini set up a petition to shut down a local waste dump. Little do they realize, that the waste dump belongs to Rita! She's trying to trash the whole world, and has Finster create the Minotaur monster to help protect the dump site. Our heroes will have to learn a valuable lesson in teamwork in order to defeat the monster with their new Power Weapons!

  • A Pressing Engagement

    At the Youth Center, Jason attempts to break Bulk's benchpressing record, only to be repeatedly distracted. Rita comes up with a plan to divide and conquer the Rangers, by splitting them up during a battle with the King Sphinx monster.

  • Different Drum

    Kimberly's deaf friend, Melissa, has a tough time fitting in at the noisy Youth Center. When the Gnarly Gnome monster strikes, using music to hypnotize the children of Angel Grove, her handicap allows her to remain unaffected. Can she aid the Power Rangers in putting an end to the Gnome's symphony of destruction? 

  • Food Fight

    Rita sends down Finster's latest creation, the endlessly hungry Pudgy Pig, to consume the Earth's food supply, starting with the Youth Center's International Food Festival! The Power Rangers attempt to stop him, but Pudgy Pig even eats their weapons. Can the team find the monster's spicy weakness in time? 

  • Big Sisters

    Kim & Trini get the task of being "big sisters" to a mischievous little girl named Maria. Rita kidnaps the bratty child, with intent of using her to open a magic trunk filled with Power Eggs. The Rangers end up facing the Chunky Chicken monster to save the annoying girl. All of this, plus, Billy unveils his specially modified VW Beetle, known as the RADBUG.

  • I, Eye Guy

    Billy helps his young brainy buddy Willy with a Virtual Reality device for the Angel Grove science fair. Willy's intelligence and lack of self-confidence entices Rita, as she schemes to capture him and use his experiments for evil. The Eyeguy scopes the boy out, but fails to see the Rangers coming. 

  • For Whom the Bell Trolls

    Trini brings her favorite doll, an elf named Ticklesneezer, to Angel Grove High for Hobby Week. This catches the eye of Rita, who has the doll stolen and turned into a real monster! Ticklesneezer goes around shrinking everything, from buildings to trains, and collecting them into bottles. Can the Rangers bring an end to this benign nightmare? 

  • Happy Birthday, Zack

    The Ranger teens & Ernie plan a surprise party at the Juice Bar for Zack. The secrecy leads him to believe they've all forgotten about his birthday. Rita shows she cares, by sending down a special treat, a vicious black knight monster known as Nasty Knight. 

  • No Clowning Around

    The fair has come to Angel Grove, and the Ranger teens, along with Trini's little cousin Sylvia, spend a day enjoying it. The fair turns out to be a front for Rita, with numerous Putties as clowns! One such clown, named Pineapple, turns Sylvia into a cardboard cutout, and reveals himself to be a monster named Pineoctopus. Can Billy & Alpha solve Sylvia's 2-dimensional dilemma, and the Rangers shut down the evil carnival for good? 

  • Power Ranger Punks

    Billy & Kimberly drink some of Baboo's spiked lemonade, causing both of them to start acting like bullies! With the Blue and Pink Rangers too busy making Bulk and Skull look tame, the other three Rangers are left to take on Rita's Terror Toad. Can Alpha succeed in his dangerous mission of recovering the Singing Squash, the only antidote for Billy & Kim's bully personas? 

  • Peace, Love and Woe

    Billy bumps into a brainy girl named Marge, and the two hit it off immediately. But Rita's ally, Madame Woe, mistakes Marge for a Power Ranger, and captures her. The actual Rangers come to her rescue, but can they save her or will Billy remain dateless for the upcoming dance? 

  • Foul Play in the Sky

    Kim goes for flying lessons with her pilot uncle Steve, with Bulk & Skull tagging along. Rita's henchman Squatt spikes Steve's drink with a sleeping potion, which kicks into effect while in the skies over Angel Grove. Kim nervously takes over flying the four-seater plane, but even with a little guidance from Alpha 5, can she land safely? Meanwhile, her teammates face the dreaded Snizzard! 

  • Dark Warrior

    Trini's scientist uncle Howard drops by to show off his new invisibility formula. Rita spots it, and plans to use it on her new monster, the camouflaged creature known as the Dark Warrior! Billy gets sick of Bulk & Skull picking on him, and decides to reenroll in Jason's karate class. But as before, he doesn't fare well in it. Uncle Howard, not only a scientist but a master martial artist, offers to give him some training at the park. There, Dark Warrior kidnaps him, and orders him to give up the invisibility formula. He refuses, and gets strapped to a bomb capable of leveling the city. Can Billy save the day, and manage to get his yellow belt? 

  • Switching Places

    Billy's brain switching machine goes haywire (with a little help from Squatt & Baboo), causing his & Kimberly's minds to swap bodies! Hilarity ensues when Billy as Kim, and Kim as Billy, spend a few days in each other's shoes... literally! Plus, the Genie monster rubs our heroes the wrong way.

  • Green with Evil Part I: Out of Control

    Tommy, a new kid in town with martial arts skills that rival even Jason's, catches the eye of not just Kimberly, but also Rita! After she kidnaps him, Rita places a spell over Tommy, turning him into her evil Green Ranger! Using his own Power Coin, Tommy infiltrates the Command Center, infects Alpha 5 with a virus, trashes the computers, and cuts Zordon off from communicating with our dimension! The Rangers, now without the help of their mentors, discover the Green Ranger's ruthlessness when he ambushes them during a battle! Do they have any chance against one of their own?

  • Green with Evil, Part II: Jason's Battle

    With the Command Center still incapacitated from the Green Ranger's attack, the Rangers remain oblivious to Tommy's evil secret identity. This leaves Jason vulnerable when Tommy teleports him to the Dark Dimension. Can he survive powerless against both Goldar, and the Sword of Darkness-wielding Green Ranger?

  • Green with Evil, Part III: The Rescue

    Jason remains trapped in the Dark Dimension, alone and powerless against both Goldar and the Green Ranger. Can the other Rangers save him in time? Meanwhile, Rita summons Scorpina, a deadly female warrior!

  • Green with Evil, Part IV: Eclipsing Megazord

    Giant Goldar attacks Angel Grove, and uses Bulk & Skull as bait to draw the Rangers into battle! Rita summons a solar eclipse, which cuts off the Megazord's power reserves just as it faces Goldar, Scorpina, and a giant-sized Green Ranger. Do our heroes stand any chance? Meanwhile, the search for Zordon heats up, but while the Rangers are out, Green Ranger sneaks back into the Command Center, and attempts to sabotage it again! But will this bold move lead to his own downfall?

  • Green with Evil, Part V: Breaking the Spell

    With his identity revealed, Jason convinces the others to help him break the Rita's spell over Tommy. With the victory over the Rangers, Rita starts her endgame. With a magic bolt from her wand the ancient Dragonzord is awakened from Angel Grove bay. Green Ranger controlling the zord with his new Dragon Dagger, sends it on a rampage through the city. As the Power Rangers rush to the harbor to make a last stand against their evil counterpart Alpha restablishes contact with Zordon who restores the Zords.

  • The Trouble with Shellshock

    While Rita naps, Baboo & Squatt take charge by making their own monster, the stoplight-equipped turtle called Shellshock. The monster wreaks more havoc by accident than on purpose, but still proves to be a major problem, especially for the Ranger teens' friendly game of basketball. Can the six Rangers succeed in their first battle on the same side? 

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

    Trini & Billy petition to save the Forest Spirit Statue from demolition. It supposedly protects the woods from nasty bug infestations. Rita swipes the statue and replaces it with a lookalike, which hides her Spidertron monster within. Zack brings his young Hip-Hop Kido class to the park to work out nearby, and all but the Black Ranger are put under a sleeping spell by Spidertron. Unfortunately for Zack, he's deathly afraid of bugs, spiders especially! 

  • The Spit Flower

    Kimberly is given the task of designing a flower float for the big Angel Grove parade. But Putties drop by the Juice Bar, and trash it before she can turn the design in! Kim frets over losing it, and soon has to face the evil flesh-eating-blossom-spewing Spit Flower monster. A monster with such thick hide, the power zords are of no effect.

  • Life's a Masquerade

    There's a costume party going on at the Youth Center! Rita uses this distraction to mine a special clay on Earth, from which she'll create a breed of Super Putties. She sends her own version of Frankenstein's Monster to the party, and he's immediately mistaken for Tommy (likely due to their similar high foreheads).

  • Gung Ho!

    Jason & Tommy team-up for an upcoming Team Ninja competition at the Youth Center. They have trouble working together, as both are used to sparring one-on-one. As the other Rangers fight the nigh-invincible Super Putties, Zordon sends Jason & Tommy off to retrieve new weapons. They face a strange metal creature known as Titanus, and must learn teamwork in the face of adversity... or perish!

  • Wheel of Misfortune

    The Ranger teens are involved with a stage play of Rumpelstiltskin at Angel Grove High. Kim's grandmother's antique spinning wheel is used as a prop, which leaves it in a position to be captured by Rita's goons, who turn it into the evil Wheel Of Destruction. Can the Rangers put a stop to the giant wheel without ruining Kim's family heirloom?

  • Island of Illusion, Part I

    There's an upcoming dance competition, and despite his usual smooth moves, Zack's got a heavy case of self-doubt. Rita is inspired, and aims to send the six Rangers to her very own transdimensional island, where worst fears become reality! She summons the celestial being known as Lokar to aid in this task, and with his wicked Mutitus creature, is the Megazord any match, or are our heroes island-bound? 

  • Island of Illusion, Part II

    Trapped on the strange Island of Illusion, each of the six Ranger teens comes face to face with their own worst fears. The island's only inhabitant, an elf named Quagmire, appears and offers them rhyming reminders of self-confidence, but is he friend or foe? Even if they can get off the island, can the team last a second round against Mutitis? 

  • The Rockstar

    Jason and his young cousin Jeremy become embroiled in a plot by Rita & Scorpina to capture the powerful Mirror of Destruction. A Rockstar monster rounds out the cast. 

  • Calamity Kimberly

    Kimberly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and begins to have an extremely bad day. It becomes worse when Rita sends the Samurai Fan Man down to Earth. He traps the bad haired, ratted clothed, annoyed Kim inside an urn, connected to another dimension. The Power Rangers race against the clock to free her before she's lost inside it forever. 

  • A Star is Born

    While Tommy is busy competing with Bulk for a role on a Karate commercial, the other Rangers face a double threat: the cocooning menace of Scorpina's pet worm, and the baseball-fevered Babe Ruthless!

  • The Yolk's on You!

    Finster creates the Fang monster for Rita's birthday. But the newborn beast becomes enraged when Baboo & Squatt eat his delicious rare "Gooney Bird" eggs. Goldar lies to Fang, pinning the blame on the Rangers, turning his anger toward our heroes. Do they stand a chance without Tommy, who was captured by Putties while on the way to Angel Grove High's big talent show? 

  • The Green Candle, Part I

    Rita finally has the ultimate plan to put an end to her former Green Ranger. Using magic wax tied to his morphing energy, she creates the Green Candle, which burns down with every battle he fights, taking with it his powers! To help ignite this scheme, the Zord-mimicking Cyclops monster is sent to Earth. As the Dragonzord, it rampages through the city, and proves to be quite an opponent against the Rangers! If that wasn't enough, Tommy is drawn into the Dark Dimension for a duel with Goldar! How long can the candle last at this rate?

  • The Green Candle, Part II

    Thanks to one of Billy's inventions, Jason is able to journey into the Dark Dimension in an effort to retrieve the Green Candle. But with Goldar guarding it, and Cyclops once again on the prowl in the city, does he stand a chance of success? With his teammates busy, Tommy must go into battle with Cyclops monster as the Green Ranger. The fight takes its toll on the Green Candle, which quickly burns down to nearly nothing. Will the Green Ranger powers be lost to Rita? 

  • Birds of a Feather

    Zack grooms his young student to take part in a karate tournament, against an angry ward of Bulk & Skull. The Rangers face the Hatchasaurus monster, and though he's defeated quickly, he manages to repeatedly regenerate using his inner sentient heart-creature, known as the Cardiatron.

  • Clean-Up Club

    Inspired by Trini's video project on pollution, the Ranger teens organize a Clean-Up Club. They set out to make Angel Grove Park a cleaner place. Rita sends down the Polluticorn monster, to undo all of their hard work, and destroy the world. 

  • A Bad Reflection on You

    Rita's newest monster, the Twin Man, creates a special team of five Putty Patrollers, which have the power to transform into evil versions of the Power Rangers! These diabolical doubles wreck havoc on our heroes' lives, even framing them into getting detention. The evil doppelgangers attack the city, as the good guys remain stuck at the High School! 

  • Doomsday, Part I

    Angel Grove holds a big celebration for "Power Rangers Day." Rita uses this gathering to capture the entire population of the city and imprison them in another dimension. To get them back, the Rangers have to take on Goldar, who now has his very own evil War Zord to pilot, Cyclopsis! 

  • Doomsday, Part II

    With their Zords damaged, and only able to summon the Megazord at half-power, the Power Rangers face Cyclopsis, backed by the power of Lokar, one last time! Not only does the fate of Angel Grove rest in the balance, but the world, and the future of the Rangers themselves!

  • Rita's Seed of Evil

    The Ranger Teens plan to plant saplings in the park. Rita does some gardening of her own, by sending down the Octoplant seed. It blooms into the Octoplant, a monster hung up on its own appearance.

  • A Pig Surprise

    The Ranger teens organize a Pet Adoption program, which leads to a elderly lady donating her pig, Norman. After Bulk & Skull adopt the porker, the teens discover too late that the woman is a Putty, and her pig is none other than Pudgy Pig reborn! Can the Rangers fend off Goldar & Scorpina in time to put a stop to the ravenous beast once again? Or will they not even need to this time?

  • Something Fishy

    Jason, Zack, & Trini go scubadiving. Billy's invited, but declines, as this brings up bad memories from his childhood. As a boy, he had a finger-biting experience with a fish! Since then, he's been afraid of aquatic animals. Rita exploits this fear, sending down the Toxic Goo-Fish monster. Can the Blue Ranger manage to overcome his fish phobia, and filet the fiend? 

  • Lions & Blizzards

    The Ranger Teens win the annual Oddball Games, a set of strange obstacle courses. Their equally strange trophy gets swiped by Rita, turning it into the evil Goatan, the Stormbringer, a Goat-Lion monster! Can they put a stop to the blizzard-blasting chimera? Meanwhile, Zack finally wins a date with Angela, but will his Ranger duties put a dent in their romance? 

  • Crystal of Nightmares

    To better cram for a big upcoming test, the Ranger teens head up to Billy's Uncle's cabin up in the mountains. Goldar uses this brain-storming session to his advantage, by manipulating their dreams with the Crystal Of Nightmares. Their worst fears are played out in their dreams, causing them to be completely paranoid and constantly afraid when they wake up. Can our heroes overcome these self-esteem impairments to seek out and destroy the Crystal? 

  • To Flea or Not to Flea

    While Ernie's Youth Center and Juice Bar is going out of business, a stray dog wanders in, and gives Jason a rash! It's not ordinary rash, but an infection by Rita's newest monster, the Fighting Flea. Can the Rangers find a cure for this itchy menace? 

  • Reign of the Jellyfish

    Angel Grove High School is preparing to bury a time capsule in the park, to be opened in 100 years. Among the items, is a picture of the Power Rangers. Rita's furious, sending down Baboo & Squatt to steal the capsule, and put a picture of her in it instead. She also sends down the Jellyfish Warrior monster to trap our heroes in another dimension.

  • Plague of the Mantis

    Trini trains with Master Li in a new fighting technique, known as the Praying Mantis style. She's unable to grasp the proper motivation for achieving the stances. Rita sends down a Praying Mantis monster to belittle her failure at the technique in battle. 

  • Return of an Old Friend, Part I

    It's Parent's Day at the Youth Center, and all of the Ranger teens' fathers & mothers are there. Rita decides to trap the parents in another dimension, and use them as ransom for attaining the Power Coins! To make things worse, Billy is placed under a spell, and steals the Dragon Dagger from the Command Center. With it, Goldar takes control of the Dragonzord, and sends it on a rampage. 

  • Return of an Old Friend, Part II

    With only the depleted Dragon Coin left, Tommy is teleported to the Command Center to become the Green Ranger once more. With a boost of power from Zordon, Tommy must battle his way through Putties and Goldar to retrieve his teammates' Power Coins and Dragon Dagger. But in the process, he takes a jolt from a force field! Will this spell the end for Tommy, or a new beginning for the Green Ranger? Can the Rangers defeat the Dramole monster and rescue their parents from Rita's clutches? 

  • Grumble Bee

    For the first time in his life, Billy gets a "B" on a test in school! He's devastated as a result, which once again provides inspiration for Rita. She has Finster create a Grumble Bee monster to attack, exploiting his "B" grade dismay. With the rest of the team tied up on the basketball court, can Trini help Billy overcome his self-doubts? 

  • Two Heads Are Better Than One

    Tommy & Jason teach the mothers of Angel Grove some self-defense courses at the Youth Center. Their motto for the moms, two heads are better than one. Rita is inspired, as always, and has Finster create a Two-Headed Parrot monster. Teamwork, two-heads times three, plus a Pamango fruit are needed to take out this double-bird brained menace. 

  • Fowl Play

    Zack puts on a magic show for the kids at the Juice Bar. He's more interested in impressing Angela, and seems to succeed. Rita sends down the Peckster monster, causing Zack to pull a disappearing act just when he's about to woo the girl of his dreams. 

  • Trick or Treat

    Kim faces Skull on the nation's biggest hit game show, Trick Or Treat! Can Kim manage to win the game and the brand new car, or does Skull have a trick of his own up his sleeve? This Halloween-themed program inspires Rita to harvest a special monster. The Rangers first must face an army of pumpkin-headed Putties, and then the Pumpkin Rapper monster himself, whose unripe rhymes are just as bad as his attacks! 

  • Second Chance

    Ernie picks the new lineup for the Angel Grove Junior Soccer team, but a young boy named Roger isn't on it. Luckily, he's on speaking terms with the Ranger teens, which means he's going to get special treatment for this injustice! A second tryout will be held, so our heroes help him train for it. Rita sends down the Soccadillo monster to keep with the soccer theme. 

  • On Fins and Needles

    Jason & Tommy teach free karate classes at the Youth Center. Rita's annoyed by their friendship, and sends down the Slippery Shark monster. His boomerang-fin weapon casts a spell on the two, causing them to hate each other intensely. This nearly leads to an all out brawl in the Youth Center, organized by Bulk & Skull! Can their teammates intervene in time, and force some teammwork to help break the spell of hate between the Red and Green Rangers? 

  • Enter...The Lizzinator

    Kimberly tries to help her cousin Kelly make it on the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleading squad. Rita has Squatt & Baboo kidnap the girl to make her into her very own cheerleader, while she sends down the invulnerable Lizzinator!

  • Football Season

    Tommy struggles to make the Angel Grove High football team. His karate training messes up his coordination, but Ernie, who used to be an all-star fullback in college, offers to help him out. Rita sends down the Rhinoblaster monster to face the other Power Rangers in a game of full-contact football with a team of Putties!

  • Mighty Morphin' Mutants

    Tommy struggles to make the Angel Grove High football team. His karate training messes up his coordination, but Ernie, who used to be an all-star fullback in college, offers to help him out. Rita sends down the Rhinoblaster monster to face the other Power Rangers in a game of full-contact football with a team of Putties! 

  • An Oyster Stew

    Zack seeks to impress Angela by getting her pearl earrings for her birthday. Little does he know, they're actually the evil Pearls of Stillness! By putting them on, she and all but Zack and Tommy are frozen solid. To restore them, the Black and Green Rangers must take on the Oysterizer monster. 

Season 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rita's emperor, Lord Zedd, is displeased and comes to personally lead the attack on Earth, eliminating the Green Ranger in the process. But a Thunderzord upgrade, along with a new White Ranger helps turn the tide...as do new Rangers Adam, Aisha & Rocky!

  • The Mutiny: Part 1

    The Ranger teens take part in a charity 4-wheeler race on Earth. But up on the moon, things are far from routine. Rita Repulsa and her Evil Space Aliens are taken by surprise when Lord Zedd returns to our galaxy! For her repeated failures, he has Rita banished to drift in space.  Zedd takes over the Lunar Palace gives the Putty Patrollers an overpowered overhaul! The Z-armored Putties are sent to face the Power Rangers, and prove to be more than formidable foe. Can our heroes find their weakspot in time? 

  • The Mutiny: Part 2

    Lord Zedd's first monster, Pirahntishead, now has control of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord, commanding them to destroy the city. The Rangers watch helplessly, but all is not yet lost. Zordon & Alpha unveil a new set of five Zords, enhanced by the power of Thunder. Before they can fully bring these new Thunderzords to life, they must regain their old ones!

  • The Mutiny: Part 3

    The only hope of regaining control of the Dinozords from Pirahntishead is Billy's latest invention. If they can get it to work, Zordon will then infuse each of the main five Dinozords with a lightning charge, causing them to morph into the mighty new Thunderzords! The Red Dragon, the Yellow Griffin, the Blue Unicorn, the Black Lion, and the Pink Firebird can then come together to form the Thunder Megazord. But will it be enough to defeat the power of Lord Zedd's Pirahntishead? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull, saved by the Rangers for the umpteenth time, begin their quest to discover the secret identities of the Power Rangers!

  • The Wanna-Be Ranger

    Due to a rare alignment of planets, Zordon has to de-ionize for a brief period. Lord Zedd exploits this by creating the Primator monster out of a white gorilla suit of Zack's. Primator can transform himself into an exact double of anyone, and uses that ability to confuse the Rangers by mimicking them. Meanwhile, Alpha 5 teleports out of the Command Center for a day, and winds up activating his self-destruct sequence when confronted by the monster.

  • Putty on the Brain

    Lord Zedd zaps a pair of special sunglasses Billy's invented. When he & Zack put them on, they're placed under a spell where they visualize their teammates as Putties! If that wasn't bad enough, the fire-breathing Saliguana monster is created.

  • Bloom of Doom

    The Youth Center hosts a sign-up session for various after-school clubs. Predictablly, each of the Ranger teens has their own club. Kim's gardening club proves unpopular, getting no one to sign up. Lord Zedd puts Kim under a spell, causing her to become violently jealous of Trini for having a successful club. He then sends down the Bloom Of Doom, but can Kim overcome her bitterness, alien-inflicted and otherwise, to work together to defeat it?

  • The Green Dream

    Tommy keeps having the same depressing dream lately, where he loses his powers in the middle of battle. Lord Zedd creates the Robo-Goat monster, and uses him to capture Tommy and turn him evil again! The possessed Tommy tricks his teammates into summoning the powerful Sword Of Power, and turns it over to Robo-Goat. The Rangers attempt to regain it, while Tommy, released from evil, finds his Green Ranger powers are running dangerously low (to the point he can't even summon the Dragonzord).

  • The Power Stealer

    The Rangers lead a drive to clean up Angel Grove. But, Lord Zedd has plans of his own and decides to create the Octophantom to capture the Rangers in a magic jar and drain them of their powers. Now, the Rangers face a battle to keep their powers and save Tommy.

  • The Beetle Invasion

    The Rangers step up to the challenge of a Broomball Tournament but Zedd has a challenge of his own and creates the Stag Beetle.

  • Welcome to Venus Island

    Lord Zedd sets his sights on Trini's neighbor Haley and captures her. When they come to save her, Lord Zedd plans to ransom her for the price of the Green Ranger. The Rangers must find their way to Venus Island and take on the Invenusable Fly Trap

  • The Song of Guitardo

    Guitardo tries to take control of Green Ranger. Green Ranger discovers that by playing his flute, he can stay in control.

  • Green No More: Part 1

    Tommy learns his powers are at their very end and that he may only have one fight left. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd is using a green crystal to siphon off Tommy's powers to claim them for himself. He creates Turbanshell to force Tommy into action, so he can claim the last of his powers for his new Dark Rangers.

  • Green No More: Part 2

    Tommy learns his powers are at their very end and that he may only have one fight left. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd is using a green crystal to siphon off Tommy's powers to claim them for himself. He creates Turbanshell to force Tommy into action, so he can claim the last of his powers for his new Dark Rangers.

  • Missing Green

    Jason is down about Tommy's absence and the others try to help him cope by trying to find Tommy. But, on their way, our heroes stumble into an ambush and are captured by Goldar. Now, Jason must find a way to save his friends from the same fate as Tommy.

  • Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

    Lord Zedd has his putties steal a trumpet so that he can turn it into a bewitching monster.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Depressed about Tommy's departure from the team, Kimberly seeks out the advice of a Fortune Teller, Madam Swampy, despite Billy's claims that such practitioners are likely frauds. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd reveals a desire to have Kimberly as his Queen.

  • White Light: Part 1

    Zordon and Alpha 5 embark on a secret mission and shut down the Command Center. This change in energy alerts Lord Zedd in the Lunar Palace on the moon, and he decides that now is the time to destroy the Rangers, so he alters the Sentinel Statue in Angel Grove Park—a statue of a giant fist—with his magic. When matured, the statue will transform into his strongest monster, Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel.

  • White Light: Part 2

    Alpha and Zordon restore full power to the systems and summon the Rangers. Zordon gives the Rangers a speech about the Green Ranger powers being completely destroyed and then introduces the new addition to their team—the White Ranger. Tommy is the new leader of the team.

  • Two for One

    A day at the park for Tommy and Kimberly turns into putty pandemonium. Then, while Kimberly and Tommy deal with the putties, Lord Zedd uses his evil powers to create two new outrageous monsters. 

  • Opposites Attract

    When Billy gathers scientific data, it shows a severe storm is brewing. But, Lord Zedd has plans of his own as he turns Billy's polarizer into a wicked monster. Meanwhile, Kimberly and a young troop of Angelettes are unaware of impending danger.

  • Zedd's Monster Mash

    As the teens enjoy Halloween with some of their young friends, Lord Zedd instructs the putties to crash the annual Youth Center Halloween Party. Then, as Tommy takes some kids trick-or-treating, Goldar kidnaps him to a secret location to battle the most vicious Halloween monster.

  • The Ninja Encounter: Part 1

    Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy meet Rocky, Adam, and Aisha while rescuing a baby from falling off a cliff. Later that week, they watched the newcomers win a ninja tournament against a team of undefeated, yet cocky champions.

  • The Ninja Encounter: Part 2

    Lord Zedd sends Goldar and a platoon of putties to kidnap Rocky, Adam, Aisha and their teacher, Mr. Anderson.

  • The Ninja Encounter: Part 3

    Rocky, Adam, and Aisha learn of the identities of the rangers and take an oath to never reveal the Power Rangers' identities.

  • A Monster of Global Proportions

    The kids host a world teen summit at Angel Grove High. But, Zedd sends Goldar and the putties to kidnap their international guests.

  • Zedd Waves

    Angel Grove is the sight of the exciting Stone Canyon triathalog. But, Zedd interrupts the event by using one of his monsters to hypnotize the crowd into submission. Even the Power Rangers struggle against Zedd's power.

  • The Power Transfer: Part 1

    Jason, Zack, and Trini are chosen for the World Peace Conference in Switzerland. This means the Power Rangers are going to need a trio of replacements. But first, in order to transfer the powers to anyone else, our six heroes must travel across the galaxy, to a place called the Deserted Planet.

  • The Power Transfer: Part 2

    Replacement Rangers, Rocky, Adam, & Aisha, are infused with the Red, Black, Yellow and Rangers energies, respectively. Their first mission comes instantly, as Zedd sends his latest monster, Silver Horns, down to attack the city.

  • Goldar's Vice Versa

    A mysterious newcomer, Sabrina, invites Adam to the Sadie Hawkins dance. "Sabrina" turns out to be Goldar's partner and Rita's former Warrior, Scorpina. The twosome capture Adam and Aisha, binding them to a tree, and plan to use them as bait to trap the other Rangers.

  • Mirror of Regret

    Adam helps a young karate student believe in himself. But, Lord Zedd is about to destroy Adam's confidence when he sends Goldar to Angel Grove with the Mirror of Regret to bring back Adam's childhood memories to drain his energy.

  • When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

    Our heroes learn how a kaleidoscope works while Lord Zedd makes plans to turn the kaleidoscope into a terrible monster. Now the Rangers must use their knowledge and power to defeat Zedd's newest creature.

  • Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

    A new Pachinco game is delivered to the Angel Grove gym and Juice Bar and Rocky really gets into it. But, Lord Zedd has a little game of his own to play when he casts a spell over Rocky, causing him to only want to play.

  • Lights, Camera, Action

    The Power Rangers take the special message of the power of education to the airwaves. But, Zedd tries to stop the show by changing a TV camera into the evil Showbiz Monster.

  • Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

    It's Fire Safety Week and Aisha has a hot new job. And, Lord Zedd becomes interested in fire too, when he sends the Flamehead monster to Angel Grove to turn the city into one big hotspot.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    The kids go on a scavenger hunt. But, then Lord Zedd has other ideas to ruin the kids' game once and for all.

  • The Great Bookala Escape

    An unusual crash landing creates a mystery for our heroes. The Rangers decide to investigate the spacecraft further and they discover it's amazing cargo. But, Lord Zedd prepares to lay claim to the craft.

  • Forever Friends

    Goldar kidnaps Kimberly and Aisha's best friend Shawna. While our heroes plan to rescue their friends, Zedd sends the Jaws of Destruction to battle them.

  • Rangers Back in Time, Part 1

    Inspired by the Ranger teens' class assignment of bringing in photographs from their childhood, Lord Zedd comes up with a plan to exploit this trip down memory lane. Using the Rock Of Time, he reverses the Earth's rotation, causing everyone on the planet to revert in age by about 10 years! No longer teens, and no longer possessing memory of being Rangers, the Powerless Kids are seemingly defenseless against Zedd's Putties. But are they still a great team beyond their years?

  • Rangers Back in Time, Part 2

    Trapped in Photomare's picture, the Powerless Kids' only hope is Young Bulk & Skull! Can Alpha 5 find a way to restore the kids, and convince them that they're an alien-fighting superhero team? Even if they get back to their normal age, the Rangers will have to deal with the Zord-copying Photomare, and a horde of revived monsters guarding the Rock of Time!

  • A Reel Fish Story

    Zedd creates dreadful sea monsters to challenge the Power Rangers. 

  • The Wedding, Part 1

    Hoping to reclaim her throne, Rita plans to spike Zedd with a love potion while he is sleeping, destroy the Power Rangers, and give them as a wedding gift before sealing Zedd in a dumpster and ruling the universe herself. 

  • The Wedding, Part 2

    Rita and her monsters continue wedding plans while the Power Rangers are cornered in a theater, unable to teleport out or draw weapons

  • The Wedding, Part 3

    Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd are wed. Can the rangers overcome Rita and Zedd's combined power?

  • Return of the Green Ranger, Part 1

    The Wizard of Deception clones Tommy to create the ultimate match for the White Ranger.

  • Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2

    The Power Rangers must figure out how to defeat the Green Ranger, two hundred years back in time.

  • Return of the Green Ranger, Part 3

    The Rangers must discover how to return to their own time, while saving their past.

  • Storybook Rangers, Part 1

    Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair but Rita's got her own story to write. Three Rangers beceome trapped in a storybook, and it's up to Billy, Adam, and Aisha to rescue their friends.

  • Storybook Rangers, Part 2

    Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair but Rita's got her own story to write. Three Rangers beceome trapped in a storybook, and it's up to Billy, Adam, and Aisha to rescue their friends.

  • Blue Ranger Gone Bad

    Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa concoct a scheme to kidnap the real Blue Ranger and make an evil one. Trouble begins when the kids notice Billy acting weird. Then, he renders the Rangers powerless when he takes their morphers.

  • Best Man for the Job

    It's anything but politics as usual at Angel Grove High when Tommy runs for office at school and so does Kimberly. The competition heats up when Lord Zedd and Rita cast an evil spell on both candidates to turn the Power Rangers against each other and crush them.

  • Wild West Rangers, Part 1

    When Kimberly is accidentally sent back in time to the year 1880, during Angel Grove's Wild West period, she finds that she is not the only one from her time who has gone back. Goldar, Needlenose, and a platoon of Putties have also come back in time to destroy Angel Grove's past.

  • Wild West Rangers, Part 2

    Kimberly uses power coins to create Wild West Rangers. With their help and the aid of the White Stranger, Kimberly is able to drive Lord Zedd's forces back to the present. 

Season 3

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Now married to Lord Zedd, Rita returns and summons her brother Rito Revolto to fight the Ranger team, destroying their Zords in the process. But a Ninja Quest results in new hope, and new Ninjazords.

  • A Friend in Need, Part I

    Alpha's birthplanet Edenoi is under attack by a spaceship under command of Count Dregon, thus the Power Rangers (minus Kimberly who has the flu) teleport to Edenoi to find out what's going on. Meanwhile Lord Zedd and Rita make a plan to invade planet Earth.

  • A Friend in Need, Part II

    The Power Rangers meet up with the inhabitants of planet Edenoi and their prince Dex. Dex is also known as the Masked Rider. Dex tells the Power Rangers about the crystals that give special powers to the inhabitants and the history of why Count Dregon is attacking the planet. Meanwhile Kimberly, while still being ill, is fighting Repellator, a monster from Zedd, on planet Earth.

  • A Friend in Need, Part III

    On Planet Edenoi, the Power Rangers and Masked Rider fight with the minions of Count Dregon. Meanwhile, Kimberly has infected Repellator with the flu, thus the monster has to retreat in order to get an antidote. After helping the Masked Rider defeat Dregon's forces, the Power Rangers return to Earth to reunite with the Pink Ranger, summon the Thunderzords, and destroy Repellator. However, the Rangers are unaware that Count Dregon had followed them back to Earth. The episode ends with King Lexion telling Dex to defend Earth against Count Dregon.

  • Ninja Quest, Part I

    Rito Revolto pays a visit to Lord Zedd and Rita and plants some eggs nearby. After that, Rito teleports to the planet Earth and lures the Power Rangers into a trap. Just when the Power Rangers think they get to destroy Rito, Rito gets help from four other monsters made by Lord Zedd. The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord get destroyed.

  • Ninja Quest, Part II

    Lord Zedd, Rita and Rito are having a party because the Power Rangers are finally destroyed. Meanwhile, the eggs Rito planted are opening up, revealing Tenga Warriors. On planet Earth, Zordon sends the Power Rangers to the desert of despair to find Ninjor, the original creator of the Power Coins. While traveling through the desert of despair, Zedd finds out and sends the Tenga Warriors to fight them. The Power Rangers are no match for the Tenga Warriors and narrowly escape as the episode ends.

  • Ninja Quest, Part III

    The episode opens with the Power Rangers walking through some hidden valley, entering a temple, and meeting Ninjor. Ninjor gives the Power Rangers Ninja Powers and new Ninja Zords. With their new powers, the Power Rangers easily beat the Tenga Warriors. The episode ends with the Vampirus egg starting to hatch.

  • Ninja Quest, Part IV

    The episode opens with the Power Rangers calling their Ninja Zords in order to fight Rito. Rito is putting up quite an even match until the zords combine into the Megazord and easily destroy Rito. Meanwhile in the desert of despair, another egg opens up, giving birth to another monster of Rito's. This monster attacks Ninjor, but is heavily outclassed by the powers of Ninjor. Ninjor transforms using his Ninja Powers and, together with the Megazord, destroy the evil monster ending the episode.

  • A Brush with Destiny

    Kimberly has been having nightmares about moving to Paris. Meanwhile, Finster creates a device that lets Rita and Zedd see the dreams of others, including Kimberly's nightmare, Zedd creates a plan by making Artistmole, the monster in Kimberly's nightmare, real to destroy the Earth as well as the Rangers. The Rangers ask help from Ninjor, but are drained of their powers. Kimberly has to face her fears in order to destroy the Artistmole and save her friends.

  • Passing the Lantern

    Adam receives a special gift: a paper lantern. Then, Billy and Adam learn of the lantern's powers. But, Lord Zedd has plans of his own when he sends Rito to steal the lantern.

  • Wizard for a Day

    Rocky switches places with his teacher Mr. Wilton. Meanwhile, Rita and Lord Zedd decide to give Rito the day to destroy the Power Rangers. Back on Earth, Mr. Wilton is having flash backs of his childhood when Rocky teaches the class. Back on the moon, Rito is having trouble deciding how to destroy the Power Rangers, until he sends Tengas to attack Rocky. While Rocky deals with the Tengas, they capture Mr. Wilton. Just as the other Rangers appear to help, Rito arrives with Zedd's staff planning to turn the Rangers into monsters, but accidentally transforms Mr. Wilton into Marvo the Meanie, who begins to change everyone into liquid, including five of the Rangers. Eventually Alpha and Rocky changes the Rangers back and destroy Marvo the Meanie, which saves Mr. Wilton.

  • Fourth Down and Long

    Rocky's uncle, who happens to be a star quarterback, is coming to visit. On the moon, Finster accidentally creates Centiback, a monster that has the power to transform anyone into a football. After all but Rocky get turned into a football, he and Ninjor go to fight the Centiback monster and save the other Rangers.

  • Stop the Hate Master, Part I

    Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa create the evil Hate Master. The Hate Master is sent to spread hate everywhere. Meanwhile, the kids are attacked by Tengas and the Hate Master places the Rangers under his spell, all but Aisha.

  • Stop the Hate Master, Part II

    Aisha tries to break Hate Master's hold on her friends, but is unsuccessful. Alpha and Aisha discover that the necklace that her Grandmother gave her the will to save her friends from the Hate Master's spell. Once the rangers are freed, they morph into action and destroy the Hate Master. Afterwards, they apologise for the things they said whilst under the Hate Master's spell.

  • Final Face-Off

    All but Kimberly go to the museum and learn about the face-stealing monster that piques Rita's interest. While the Rangers are kept busy, Squatt, Baboo, and Rito steal that which contains the monster and keeps it bound so it can't harm anyone. To the Rangers' horror, Rita releases it and sends it to Earth. Aisha's and Adam's faces are stolen in battle; it takes a few things from the museum to defeat it, but is there any way to restore Aisha, Adam, and countless others who have lost their faces?

  • The Potion Notion

    Love is in the air and in the universe when Zedd surprises Rita with a second honeymoon. Then, Rito sends Miss Chief with a love potion to Angel Grove where things get really strange.

  • I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger

    On Christmas Eve, Zedd and Rita send their troops to the North Pole to capture Santa Claus and his elves, thus preventing Santa from delivering his Christmas presents. Meanwhile, Kimberly misses her parents, who won't be able to go come for Christmas. The rangers go to the rescue, but realize they can't use their morphers to fight Rito, Goldar, and the tengas. After easily tying Goldar, Rito, and the tengas are tied with a red ribbon, Santa Claus sends them as a present to Zedd and Rita. Zedd and Rita are angry. Meanwhile, the Rangers go back home - before they do, however, Santa gives them a bag of gifts to take back to Angel Grove to give to the kids at Ernie's Juice Bar, where Kimberly and a group of children are going to be singing Christmas songs. Throughout the episode, there is a girl who is in the singing group, who is not to eager about this because her father won't be there to see it, all she wants to do is be with him, so she tells him and makes friends with Kimberly. The girl's father show's up, and Kimberly's parents come for Christmas. Meanwhile, Zedd and Rita, Goldar, Rito, and the others are enjoying Christmas, and Rito gives a present to Goldar and says Goldar is Rito's best friend. In the end, Kimberly, the rangers, Bulk and Skull, who had earlier told the girl that if they saw Santa they'd tell him to have her father come, Kimberly's parents, the music group, and most of the people at Ernie's Juice Bar sing together.

  • A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I

    Kimberly and Aisha find a stray cat which leaves Rita purring with delight. Then, Rito is sent to the animal shelter where Aisha volunteers. Summoning their ninja powers, the Rangers must face off with Rito and the Tengas as Aisha's stray cat watches from the window. But, this is no ordinary cat as our heroes begin to understand.

  • A Ranger Catastrophe, Part II

    The cat is revealed to be a new girl to Angel Grove, Katherine, but unfortunately for the rangers, she is in alliance with Lord Zedd and Queen Rita. Katherine tricks Tommy into helping her fix her car then rewards him with a free drive, but this was all a part of Rita's plan, because Tommy and Kat end up in another dimension. Kat is retrieved by Rita but Tommy is left to fight both Rito Revolto and Goldar. The other rangers try to help bring Tommy back home, but are stopped by a Kat monster, which is really Katherine. The rangers defeat the Kat monster and free Tommy, and are surprised to see a scared Kat sitting there. The teenagers all welcome Kat and all think she is a great girl, little do they know...

  • Changing of the Zords, Part I

    Using a spell, Rita orders Katherine, a good friend of Kimberly, to steal Kim's power coin. While the Tenga warriors distract the Power Rangers, Katherine steals Kim's power coin and brings it to Rita. Kimberly is immediately effected and slowly loses her powers (the power coins are connected to their natural human energy). Tommy and Ninjor team up to take on Goldar. Tommy uses his Falcon Zord, but gets taken out by Katherine who steals the Falcon Zord. Because Tommy lost Falcon Zord, Ninjor also gets captured by Zedd.

  • Changing of the Zords, Part II

    The episode starts with Kimberly still losing her powers and ultimately, passing out. The other Power Rangers move to Angel Grove park to fight Incisorator which is sent by Zedd. Meanwhile the Tenga warriors attack Katherine in order to lure Kimberly into battle. Somehow Kimberly wakes up, and teleports to Katherine to fight off the Tenga Warriors. Kimberly is no match for the Tenga Warriors and gets beaten easily while Katherine watches. Goldar shows up and teleports Kimberly to Lord Zedd. Zordon agrees to teleport Lord Zedd to the Command Center to talk about his demands. Zedd gives the Power Rangers two options: Pilot his new evil Zords or Kimberly dies. The Power Rangers are thinking what to answer as the episode ends.

  • Changing of the Zords, Part III

    Tommy agrees to pilot Lord Zedd's evil Shogun Zords. Lord Zedd teleports back to the moon and is having a party with Rita and Rito. Using the globe, Billy locates the whereabouts of Kimberly. Tommy, using the teleport device from season one, teleports to the dark dimension. Tommy finds Kimberly but gets intercepted by Lord Zedd. Meanwhile, Rita sends the evil Shogun Zords to planet Earth to be piloted by the Power Rangers. Billy however finds a way to override the controls using the power coins. In the dark dimension, Tommy finally beats Lord Zedd, rescues Kimberly and teleports back to planet Earth. Tommy teams up with the other Shogun Zords and beat See Monster. The episode ends with Kimberly losing her Power Rangers power thus Tommy sharing his powers so Kimberly can still be one.

  • Follow That Cab!

    A crime is committed in broad daylight so Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly take a cab to follow the culprit. But, Lord Zedd makes a few changes and our heroes get the news from Zordon. At the Command Center, the Power Rangers are presented with all new Shark Cycles.

  • A Different Shade of Pink, Part I

    Kimberly meets up with Gunther Schmidt, an international gymnast trainer. Gunther offers Kimberly to coach her for the Pan Globals. Because of this, Kimberly no longer has time to fulfill her duties as a Power Ranger. Rita and Zedd launch multiple attacks on planet Earth, requiring the Power Rangers to split up and take them on. The Power Rangers are beaten and Kimberly has to give up her training to help her team members fight off the evil monsters. Meanwhile, Katherine is slowly losing the spell cast by Rita, feeling sympathy for Kimberly. The episode ends with Kimberly training all night and day, eventually passing out from exhaustion.

  • A Different Shade of Pink, Part II

    The episode starts with Kimberly being escorted into the hospital. The Power Rangers pay a visit, but have to leave in order to fight the Tenga Warriors and Rito. While the Rangers are away, Katherine tells Kimberly about the spell Rita cast on her. Meanwhile, Finster comes with a new monster called Garbage Mouth. Garbage Mouth tries to capture Katherine, but is stopped in his tracks by the Power Rangers. The episode ends with Rita showing up, and giving the Power Rangers a choice; turn in Katherine or Ninjor will be destroyed.

  • A Different Shade of Pink, Part III

    In this episode, Katherine decides to exchange herself in order to free Ninjor. Rita however tricks the Power Rangers and they lose Katherine to Rita. Katherine gets put into a prison with Rito being the guard. She gives Rito a back massage and meanwhile steals the key while Rito falls asleep. Katherine finds the pink power coin (which became lost in the midst of "Changing of the Zords"), teleports back to the Command Center, and gives the coin back to Kimberly. Kimberly gets her confidence back, trains for the gymnastic tournament, and finally wins this tournament. Gunther Schmidt offers Kimberly to move to his facility in Florida to compete for the Pan Global games. The episode ends with Kimberly giving her pink power coin to Katherine.

  • Rita's Pita

    Tommy preaches the importance of eating right to one of his students who doesn't have healthy eating habits. This inspires Rita to get the Ravenator to go inside Tommy and make him want nothing but junk food. Tommy's ravenous appetite makes him stuff his face nonstop; Kat discovers what's going on and informs the other Rangers. How will the Rangers destroy a monster that's inside Tommy's stomach without harming him as well?

  • Another Brick in the Wall

    Katherine comes up with a plan to clean up an old lot and she recruits her friends to help her construct a new homeless shelter on the weekend. However, Rita Repulsa is still angry that Katherine is no longer under her spell and turned out to be a "goody-goody" Power Ranger. With the help of her brother Rito Revolto, the resulting battle causes the ruin of Katherine's day of work building the shelter. Before they can repair it, four of the Rangers are soon entrapped by Rita's newest monster, the Brick Bully, but Katherine helps release them with the aid of Alpha 5. Billy manages to single-handedly destroy the new monster and after the battle, the teens are able to repair the shelter in time. In the finale, the Mayor of Angel Grove presents Katherine with an Outstanding Achievement Award for her work on the housing project.

  • A Chimp in Charge

    Katherine and Aisha help teach a monkey, Kelly, to communicate with sign language for a school assignment. However, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd turn the monkey into the Sinister Simian monster to lure the Power Rangers out to fight it. Now, the Rangers have to find a way to defeat the monkey monster without harming it and return the monkey back to normal.

  • Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I

    The Earth shakes and so does Rita and Zedd's palace with the arrival of one very evil visitor, Rita & Rito's father Master Vile. Now, they must unravel the mystery of his plan and prepare for their biggest battle yet.

  • Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part II

    Tommy and Kat volunteer to go search for the Falcon Zord and Zeo Crystal. Kat distracts Zedd and Rita by claiming she wants to be evil again to give Tommy time to search. The other rangers fight the Blue Globber, who has absorbed Ninjor's powers.

  • Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part III

    The rangers travel to another dimension to retrieve their zords, which have been sent there by Master Vile. Alpha discovers a way to weaken the Blue Globber.

  • The Sound of Dischordia

    Aisha and Katherine write a song for school. And, Master Vile has a song too, when he calls upon the evil Dischordia, who casts a spell on the girls to change their tune.

  • Rangers in Reverse

    Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, and Aisha are at the Juice Bar, planning a surprise birthday trip to the Carnival for Kat. While the Rangers celebrate her birthday, Master Vile brought forth the Orb of Doom from beneath the Earth's surface. Immediately, Alpha 5 senses trouble, and Zordon calls the Rangers. He warns them about the effects of the Orb of Doom if it is secured by the villains. While the Rangers fight the Tengas, Rito secures the Orb of Doom. Tommy attempts to destroy it but cannot penetrate it's energy field. Rito activates the Orb, which reverses time on Earth and turns everyone in the near vicinity into children. Rita, Rito, Lord Zedd, and Goldar then make themselves grow and attack. The Ranger children attempt to morph, but their powers do not work with them as children. The episode ends with the Rangers powerless to stop the large villains.

  • Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1

    Lord Zedd and his gang land on Earth to turn Angel Grove into a frenzy. Meanwhile, our heroes are trapped as their younger selves. But, danger is just ahead when the enemy's minions show up. Then, confusion ensues when the police arrive.

  • Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2

    Alpha manages to defuse a bomb which Rito and Goldar set up to blow up the Command Center. The young Power Rangers greet their Alien Ranger allies, before they do battle against an army of monsters. 

  • Climb Every Fountain

    Young Billy and the Alien Rangers work together. Meanwhile, Zedd and Rita develop a plot to defeat the Rangers. Then, Rito decides to take a bus. And, suddenly, the Alien Rangers are falling under the weather.

  • The Alien Trap

    The kids work on a new device that will help the Alien Rangers. Then, suddenly, Rito and Goldar appear as the Alien Rangers defend their young friends.  

  • Attack of the 60' Bulk

    Our young heroes receive good news about the Alien Rangers. Meanwhile, at the evil palace, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa are ecstatic. They devise a plan to turn one bad boy into a monster. 

  • Water You Thinking?

    The Rangers begin their quest to find the shattered pieces of the Zeo Crystal, but at the start of their journey, Cestro begins to dehydrate. Rita and Zedd conspire to keep the Alien Rangers dry. Meanwhile, Rocky searches for a Zeo Crystal shard within a volcano in historic Mexico. 

  • Along Came A Spider

    While Billy searches for some spare parts to be used with the Zeo Crystal, Young Adam arrives in historic Korea to begin his quest. Meanwhile, Rita and Lord Zedd have big plans for one pesky spider, in an attempt to slow down the Rangers' progress. 

  • Sowing The Seeds Of Evil

    While Young Tommy and Young Katherine begin their quests, Billy and the Aquitian Rangers learn about Rita and Zedd's plan to bring a new danger to Earth: the Hydro Hog. 

  • Hogday Afternoon, Part 1

    Aisha's quest begins. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd seeks the Zeo Crystal for himself. And, he summons the evil Hydro Hog. His assignment: get the Rangers.  

  • Hogday Afternoon, Part 2

    Aisha's quest ends but sends a young girl called Tanya in her place. She returns to the present with the final piece of the Zeo Crystal. The Alien Rangers defeat the Hydro Hog, but then Rito and Goldar steal the now complete Zeo Crystal and the Command Center blows up.  

Season 4

Power Rangers Zeo

The Command Center may be destroyed, but Zordon & Alpha 5 await Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya in the Power Chamber below. With Billy on hand to help, the Zeozords are soon ready to fight the new threat of King Mondo and his Machine Empire.

  • A Zeo Beginning, Part I

    The teens can hardly believe what they've seen-the Command Center, for years their sanctuary from the devious Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, lies in ruins before them, the fate of their friends Alpha and their mentor Zordon uncertain. It looks like this is truly the end of the Power Rangers. But the end is always a new beginning...

  • A Zeo Beginning, Part II

    Zordon tells the Rangers that they no longer need fear the menace of Zedd and Rita-even they have fled before the terrifying power of the Rangers' new foe: The Machine Empire has arrived, and is intent on making the planet Earth their next conquest. Meanwhile, Rito and Goldar have lost their memories, and are running loose in the streets of Angel Grove.

  • The Shooting Star

    Tanya's new boyfriend Shawn has to pass his exams, or else he won't be captain of the baseball team anymore, but she's shocked when she finds out that he plans to cheat! Meanwhile, Mondo plans to sabotage the new zords Billy and Alpha are constructing, so that his new monster-machine, the Staroid, can demolish the city.

  • Target Rangers

    Rocky's computer science project is challenging, but not half as challenging as his beautiful lab partner, Jennifer. While Rocky is trying to figure out a way to ask the intimidating computer whiz to the dance, Mondo and Machina plan on stealing the project for use in their latest diabolical creation, a ballistic baddie called Silo.

  • For Cryin' Out Loud

    As a school project, Tommy and Kat must pretend to be married. And to make the exercise even more realistic, Kat brings along Joey, whom she's offered to baby-sit for the duration of the experiment. Joey's crying is driving the teens nuts, but when King Mondo sends Boohoo the Clown to amplify the baby's wail, the effects are devastating. If the Power Rangers can't get the child to stop crying, he'll lay waste to Angel Grove!

  • Rangers in the Outfield

    When Tanya exhibits a natural talent for pitching, it makes Shawn kind of jealous. And when she strikes Shawn out, he gets downright hostile. Shawn decides to get in a little batting practice, and Rocky and Adam join him. This plays right into Prince Sprocket's plans: his fiendish People Pitcher sucks Rocky in, and it's up to Tommy to get him out before it's too late!

  • Every Dog Has His Day

    Katherine trains a dog, Smokey, to help the fire department locate trouble. However, when Smokey's nose sniffs out Mondo's latest scheme, Katherine's the one who finds trouble: she has to single-handedly fend off the Machine King's minions-without her Zeonizer!

  • The Puppet Blaster

    Popular Angel Grove children's show host Captain Pete and his friendly robot known as Puppetman are targeted by the Machine Empire. They convert the bot into the Puppet Blaster monster, and use him to brainwash the kids into going on a riot, not to mention acting as human shields when the Zeo Rangers attempt to put a stop to the misdeeds. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull are forced to watch Lt. Stone's nephew for the day, a brat who doesn't need brainwashing to make their life a living nightmare!

  • Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers

    Rocky is star-struck when he, Katherine, and Tanya become extras in a sci-fi film shooting in Angel Grove. The movie-making bug also bites Prince Sprocket, but he decides that what he really wants to do is direct, the end of the Power Rangers that is!

  • Graduation Blues

    Billy finds out that because of all his extracurricular extra credit, he's graduating from Angel Grove High early. There's just one problem-Billy has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. It seems like that question is answered for him when Cestro of the Alien Rangers crash-lands on Earth to seek his help-he wants Billy to come to Aquitar with him!

  • A Few Bad Seeds

    Rocky's botany class project gets a little out of hand-the wacky weed eats metal, and grows like-well-a weed. King Mondo sees the potential in the seedling, and turns it into two plant cousins, Yukon and the Pollenator.

  • Instrument of Destruction

    The guidance counselor wants Adam and Skull to broaden their studies, so they find themselves in music class, with Skull against his will.

  • Mean Screen

    In Angel Grove High's new computer lab, Adam and Tanya are getting a guided tour of cyberspace from resident computer whiz Raymond, when strange things begin to happen all over town. It seems King Mondo's latest machine-monster, Mean Screen, has crafted the ultimate computer virus, and it's messing up every piece of electronic equipment in Angel Grove-including the Zords!

  • Mr. Billy's Wild Ride

    At long last, Billy is returning from Aquitar, where the Aquitians have found a peaceful solution to their problems. Unfortunately, King Mondo is out to make Billy's life much less peaceful, by throwing his spaceship way off course.

  • There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part I

    Tommy is depressed when he receives a letter from Kimberly, saying that she met someone in Florida and is breaking up with him, so he goes with Kat and Billy to take some much-needed rest and relaxation on a snowboarding weekend, where he meets snowboarding champion Heather, who develops a crush on him. King Mondo, however, can neither rest nor relax until he has conquered the Earth. To that end, he creates the Robocupid, a fiendish machine who makes the humans of Angel Grove fall madly in love with machines and electronics!

  • There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part II

    The teens continue their snowboarding weekend, and Tommy and Heather grow closer, but they are called away again. While they were chillin' in the mountains, things were heating up in Angel Grove. Mondo's Defoliator monster is stepping up the greenhouse effect in Angel Grove.

  • There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part III

    Defoiliator really heats things up for the teens, including a depressed Tommy. But, this guy appears to be undefeatable. Heather has grown impatient with Tommy's sudden disappearances, but Kat persuades her to give him another chance, and arranges a meal for them at the Angel Grove Youth Centre. Sadly, Tommy is called away when the monster attacks the town, and despite Tommy's promise to return as soon as he can, Heather walks out of his life for good. But maybe it isn't such a loss- it turns out Kat has feelings for Tommy- and he may just feel the same.

  • Inner Spirit

    Tommy finds himself having a recurring dream about True of Heart, the man who guided him on his quest for his peace of the Zeo Crystal. When Tommy meets Sam Trueheart, a Native American artist who looks just like the old mystic, he's even more confused. There's no time to ponder this mystery, however, because another, more pressing mystery needs to be solved: who or what is sucking all the energy out of Angel Grove? And where is all that energy going?

  • Challenges

    Tommy sees a young man in the desert who could be his double, but before Tommy can find out who the young man is, Sam Trueheart appears, and tells Tommy that another quest lies before him, and only the end of that quest can reveal the identity of the young man. Meanwhile, Ernie's new boxing ring sparks an interest in pugilism in Prince Sprocket. Not being the athletic type, Sprocket creates his own Great Metallic Hope: Punch-A-Bunch! Punch-A-Bunch goes toe-to-toe with Adam, capturing the budding-boxer and forcing Tommy to face the monster in the ring to save his teammate. It all works out, as Tommy finds the solution to his spiritual unrest when he meets a man who claims to be his brother!

  • Found and Lost

    The identity of the young man in Tommy's quest is revealed, and Tommy himself can scarcely believe it. Meanwhile, Mondo has his own plans for the mysterious stranger-plans that will be carried out by his latest creation, Mace Face!

  • Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?

    Tommy must find a way to rescue his brother from a cave of evil spirits while the other Rangers battle the Mace Face monster.

  • Trust in Me

    Rocky tries to befriend a blind martial artist, but her mistrust keeps him at arms' length. All of the Rangers learn an important lesson about trust when King Mondo sends down the Defector monster to trick them.

  • It Came from Angel Grove

    Adam finds himself in a fearsome situation when the other Rangers are transformed into classic monster-movie characters.

  • Bulk Fiction

    Bulk gets a crush on the Police Captain's daughter, and asks the teens' advice on how to impress her. Meanwhile, the Rangers must face Prince Sprocket's newest toy, the Googleheimer monster.

  • Song Sung Yellow

    Tanya is offered a chance at a singing career, but it looks like the Machine Empire might "wreck" her chances. Tommy, in the Red Battlezord, squares off against the Wrecking Ball monster.

  • Game of Honor

    Adam and Shawn are both training hard for a Kung Fu tournament. But Shawn has a secret weapon.

  • The Power of Gold

    King Mondo's plan to conquer the Power Rangers with the Wolfbane monster is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious stranger--who also seems to wield the power of the Zeo Crystal.

  • A Small Problem

    The other Rangers must find a way to help their friends when Prince Sprocket shrinks Tommy and Katherine and places them in a terrarium with a hungry spider.

  • Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

    Katherine competes in a surfing competition, but faces danger when the Leaky Faucet monster puts toxic Cog oil in all the water in Angel Grove.

  • Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers

    After two weeks of constant Cog attacks by the Machine Empire, the Zeo Rangers are run ragged, exhausted by both their superhero duties and those of their normal life. Having gotten them to a weakened, sleep-deprived state, King Mondo sends down the Somnibot monster, whose lullaby spell-singing manages to exploit this Achilles heel. Can the Gold Ranger wake them in time? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are entrusted to guard a safe containing a valuable item for one whole day, unaware that a cat burglar has his eye on it.

  • Do I Know You?

    The mystery of the Gold Ranger's true identity intensifies when Borax, a member of the bounty hunter race known as the Vorax, arrives on Earth targeting the Ranger's new ally with savage intent. King Mondo sees great promise in an alliance with the Vorax, and offers to help him defeat and ensnare the Gold Ranger. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are hired to find a woman's dog, who went missing following a recent landing of Pyramidas.

  • A Season to Remember

    A spell is cast on the teens that causes them to be intolerable toward other cultures during the holiday season.

  • Revelations of Gold

    The extraterrestrial bounty hunters attack the Gold Ranger, and he must seek refuge on Earth, asking the Power Rangers for help.

  • A Golden Homecoming

    The Machine Empire tries to stop Tommy from bringing a new recipient for the Golden powers to the Power Chamber. The Rangers must use the Super Zeozords to battle King Mondo's new ultra-armored machine monsters.

  • Mondo's Last Stand

    As the Zeo Teens quickly warm up to their new teammate, Rocky find himself feeling left out and rejected by them. When King Mondo comes to Earth to retrieve a massively powerful sword, so he can destroy our heroes personally, Rocky faces the giant Machine Empire ruler alone in an attempt to prove himself. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are hired to track down the original Burble Baby Food label baby. They suspect it might be Jason! Also, Goldar & Rito are reunited with Rita & Zedd on the moon.

  • Bomber in the Summer

    Ernie's plans to open a new Beach Club are spoiled by a group of tough teens, while Rita and Lord Zedd conspire to overthrow the Machine Empire.

  • Scent of a Weasel

    The gang participates in a charity fashion show, where Skull plays bodyguard to a supermodel. Not to be upstaged, Queen Machina sends Stenchy, a Skunk monster, to raise a big stink.

  • The Lore of Auric

    Aisha sends a package for Tanya that includes a key and a map of the island on which Tanya's parents disappeared. Desperate to find them, she entrusts the key to Jason while she goes to the island. Louie Kaboom takes an interest in the key upon discovering that it will unleash an enormous being. Frustrated when Auric won't do his bidding, Louie tosses the key away; Prince Sprocket eagerly snatches it up. He then tricks Auric into thinking that the Power Rangers are evil so that he will fight them. To the Power Rangers' dismay, Auric won't listen to them when they try to reason with him.

  • The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold

    Katherine and Tanya are working on a ballet based on Midas; Jason and Adam are dancing in it against their will. Bulk and Skull are in need of a job so they bet the girls that they can get all the necessary props for the play. They go to find an assortment of gold props and get more than they can handle when Skull finds a golden dog statue that turns things to gold! When the Rangers realize that it's a trap they go to battle, and Jason gets turned into gold!

  • The Joke's on Blue

    There's a new student at Angel Grove High as well as two detectives that intend to replace Bulk and Skull. Practical jokes run rampant and it seems that no one is safe, so Bulk and Skull and their competition are hired to find the culprits. It's Tanya and Katherine who discover who's behind it and are surprised at what they find. Meanwhile, Prince Sprocket's brother, Prince Gasket, and his wife Archerina hatch a plan to get rid of Louie Kaboom by making him fall in love with Archerina and making him do her bidding.

  • Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?

    The teens are stunned when Tommy mysteriously disappears. When their search for the missing Ranger proves fruitless, they must battle the noxious Cruel Chrome monster without him.

  • King for a Day, Part I

    The Rangers are alarmed when Bulk and Skull recount their run-in with Zeo Ranger 5, especially since they have yet to find him. Tommy has been brain-washed into thinking he's the King of the Machine Empire and that the Rangers are evil! Jason and Katherine go to where Bulk and Skull claimed to have seen him; Jason gets sucked into another dimension where he must face Tommy who is more than willing to destroy him!

  • King for a Day, Part II

    Two Rangers have disappeared and none at the Command Center know how to find them. They can only watch in horror as Tommy tries to destroy his best friend. Bulk and Skull get sucked into that very dimension too and make an ally of a fellow prisoner named Tritor who has a plan to help them escape. Rita and Zedd are horrified when they realize that if something isn't done, the Machine Empire will be victorious. So great their desire to personally destroy the Rangers, they aid the Rangers in getting what they need, but is it too late?

  • A Brief Mystery of Time

    Tommy keeps reliving the same day over and over again, but no one else notices anything weird, making him feel like he's going crazy. Upon visiting the Power Chamber, they discover something very distressing. They immediately go to fix the problem and find Protectron determined to stop them. Things quickly worsen when the Cogs, Prince Gasket, and Archerina enter the fray. Will the Rangers be able to stop this catastrophe?

  • A Mystery to Me

    The Rangers are invited to a "Whodunit Charity Party" in which they role play to discover where Detective Stone went. Archerina uses the opportunity to trap all the Rangers except Katherine, making it seem like they are disappearing for real! Archerina's jealousy of Katherine overcomes her to the point that she wants to personally destroy her. Katherine must face her enemies all alone when neither she nor Zordon can contact the other Rangers.

  • Another Song and Dance

    Tommy has to perform a musical number for class, but he's afraid he's a little off-key. With Tanya's help, and plenty of practice, Tommy hits all the right notes. But after Machina's spell, things aren't going so well for our budding Enrico Caruso. It's a terrible thing--they can't talk; they must sing, even when they don't want to do so!

  • Rangers of Two Worlds, Part I

    Billy's regenerator has a disturbing side effect and turns him into an old man. Rita tries to change Katherine into a monster, but gets her purse instead.

  • Rangers of Two Worlds, Part II

    Billy becomes trapped in the Zeo Megazord while still aging as Mondo and Rita's monsters take control! To even up the score, the Alien Rangers travel to Earth and help defeat the monsters.

  • Hawaii Zeo

    Tommy asks Kat out on a date when Ernie puts on a luau at the Beach Club. Gasket and Archerina send Cogs to spoil the party.

  • Good as Gold

    Jason finds out to his horror, that he's losing his powers as well as his strength. Pursued by Rita, Lord Zedd, and the Machine Empire who are all greedy for his powers, he finds himself helpless against them. Zordon tells them that Jason will lose his Powers and life if the Gold Ranger's Powers are not transferred back to the Treys, which can only happen when the Earth, Aquitar and Triforia are aligned just so. As the Rangers try to help Jason, they are attacked by Cogs. In the end, the rangers win, but King Mondo's allies and him are not destroyed.

Season 5

Power Rangers Turbo

Tommy, Kat, Adam and Tanya "Shift Into Turbo!," and are joined by young Justin in the fast-driving team mentored by Dimitria and Alpha 6, after Zordon and Alpha 5 depart. The team fights Divatox, Dark Queen of Space. Soon the older Rangers must leave.

  • Shift Into Turbo, Part I

    After the events of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Divatox sends Elgar,and a whole army of her best villains, to the Angel Grove Power Plant with a detonator in order to take revenge on the Power Rangers and ruin their graduation. With the older rangers busy with their graduation, Justin must face the problem alone. 

  • Shift Into Turbo, Part II

    With Justin busy fighting Elgar, Divatox attacks Tanya, Adam and Katherine. Meanwhile, Zordon and Alpha are keeping a secret from the rangers. 

  • Shift Into Turbo, Part III

    The results of Justin's test are in, and as it turns out he's going to be starting high school. Zordon reveals that he and Alpha are returning to Eltar with Lerigot. Divatox begins trying to close the wormhole that is taking Zordon and Alpha home. 

  • Shadow Rangers

    Divatox sends the evil Chromite monster to Angel Grove with a detonator. When the rangers try to stop him, he steals their morphing powers to create Shadow Rangers. Tommy is forced to find a way to stop Chromite and track down his missing friends by himself. 

  • Transmission Impossible

    Visceron travels from the planet Inquiris to deliver some startling news to Dimitria. Divatox learns of this and captures him. She then turns him against the Power Rangers when he refuses to tell her his message. 

  • Rally Ranger

    Elgar tries to sabotage Justin's race with a detonator he made himself. Meanwhile, Porto goes AWOL and attacks the city. 

  • Built For Speed

    Some of Adam's friends decide to settle an argument by drag racing. Divatox's Demon Racer plants a detonator in one of their cars. The rangers have to defeat the Demon Racer and stop the detonator before it blows. 

  • Bicycle Built For the Blues

    It's Justin's birthday and Divatox has sent him a gift. The rangers have to get Justin off his new bike before it explodes. If that was not bad enough, Divatox sends Big Burpa to distract them. 

  • The Whole Lie

    During a volunteer car wash, Porto appears and plants a detonator. Justin spots him and the Mouthpiece monster attacks him and makes it so he can only tell lies. Meanwhile, Porto has made it so anytime one of the rangers lie, a Pirahantron attacks. 

  • Glyph Hanger

    Divatox calls her ex-husband Pharaoh to help defeat the rangers. She has him place a detonator shaped like a pyramid at the Egyptian Exhibit. Adam mistakenly takes home Pharaoh's staff, which turns any writing it comes close to into hieroglyphics. The rangers have to defeat the Pharaoh and stop the detonator before it goes off, but Divatox put a forcefield around it so they cannot touch it. 

  • Weight and See

    Kat is worried over her weight. Divatox sends Numbor to attack the rangers, rendering Kat weightless. 

  • Alarmed and Dangerous

    Divatox plants a detonator on a firetruck and has her Pirahantrons set off fire alarms all over the city. Meanwhile, Justin has his own problems with some bullies from school, and he almost gets caught teleporting. 

  • The Millennium Message

    The Blue Senturion, an intergalactic law enforcement robot, arrives from the year 2000 with a message for Dimitria, Lord Zedd, Rita, The Machine Empire and Divatox will team up to destroy the universe. When Divatox learns of this message she reprograms the Blue Senturion to attack the rangers. 

  • A Drive to Win

    Divatox plants a detonator in the scoreboard at one of Adam's soccer games. If Angel Grove scores 4 points, it will go off. She sends Electrovolt to distract the rangers. 

  • Cars Attacks

    Lt. Stone's niece, Jenny, competes with Kat to get into London's Royal Dance Academy. Divatox decides to plant a detonator at the competition and sends Wolfgang Amadeus Griller to distract the rangers. 

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part I

    Divatox sends Shrinkasect to mess with the Blue Senturion's hardware. The Shrinkasect monster shrinks the rangers while Justin is trying to stop Bulk and Skulls car. 

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part II

    The rangers attempt to break out of Divatox's submarine. Meanwhile, Justin tries to unshrink the Blue Senturion and find the detonator that Bulk and Skull have mistakenly taken.

  • Passing the Torch, Part I

    Divatox's mother visits and tells her to capture Tommy and the rest of the rangers will fall. When Kat and Tommy are attacked by Pirahantrons, TJ and Cassie come to help them. Meanwhile, the Flamite monster attacks Tanya, Justin and Adam while they set up their campsite. 

  • Passing the Torch, Part II

    When Cassie and TJ successfully rescue Tommy from the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, he goes to help the other ranger defeat the Flamite monster. The rangers must defeat the Flamite monster and choose their successors before the hourglass is empty. 

  • Stitch Witchery

    Divatox tricks Ashley into selling her design, which she casts a spell upon. Anyone who wears it becomes rude, and grouchy. Things get worse when the rangers and the Blue Senturion put the jackets on. Ashley has to get the jackets off her friends, and stop the Blue Senturion by herself.

  • The Wheel of Fate

    Divatox sets her eyes on Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. Justin gets kidnapped along with Storm Blaster. 

  • Trouble By the Slice

    Divatox loses her memory and ends up working in a pizza parlor. Porto sends Mad Mike to distract the rangers so they can get Divatox back. 

  • The Phantom Phenomenon

    The Phantom Ranger comes to Earth to assist the rangers. The invisible ranger ends up angering Divatox. 

  • Vanishing Act

    Divatox send the Translucitor to Angel Grove where he begins turning everything invisible. 

  • When Time Freezes Over

    When the rangers stop Divatox from freezing the sun, she summons Clockster to rewind time so she can stop the rangers from destroying the freeze key. Only this time, Clockster accidentally touches the freeze key and stops time. 

  • The Darkest Day

    General Havoc, Divatox's brother arrives on Earth to help his sister defeat the Power Rangers. He uses his own zord, Metallasaurus, to capture the Turbo Megazord. 

  • One Last Hope

    Without the Turbo Megazord, the rangers try and defend the city with everything they have left. The Phantom Ranger appears to deliver a new weapon to the rangers. 

  • The Fall of the Phantom

    Divatox captures Cassie. In order for the rangers to get her back, they must trade the Phantom Ranger. The Phantom Ranger's power ruby, the source of his energy, is stolen by Divatox. 

  • Clash of the Megazords

    Divatox sends the Turbo Megazord to Earth to destroy the rangers. Meanwhile, the rangers are trying to bring down her space station. 

  • The Robot Ranger

    Justin suspects his friends have been switched with robots. He sees wires in Ashley and TJ's wrists, and Carlos' face falls off. Divatox sends Flash Head and Voltmeister to Earth to attack the rangers. 

  • Beware the Third Wish

    Divatox send the Wicked Wisher to Earth, where he steals 3 coins from a wishing fountain. He uses these coins to grant Divatox 3 wishes. One for Elgar to have a full head of hair, One to turn the Blue Senturion evil and the last coin goes missing on Earth. 

  • The Gardener of Evil

    Divatox sends the Wild Weeder to Earth to find the third coin. Meanwhile, the rangers are still trying to locate the coin as well. 

  • Fire In Your Tank

    Divatox sets her sights on Lightning Cruiser. Elgar steals the rangers booster fuel and Divatox makes her own flying car instead. 

  • The Turn of the Wretched Wrench

    Ashley is having trouble in auto-shop class. Divatox sends Maniac Mechanic to steal parts from Ashely's car when it breaks down. Divatox decides to build her own monster car. 

  • Spirit of the Woods

    TJ gets attacked by Lord Litter while jogging in the woods. When TJ cannot defeat the monster alone, a young boy comes to his rescue. Divatox then sets her sights on the young boy. 

  • The Song of Confusion

    Cassie and her friend Vicky hold auditions for their band at the juice bar. Divatox decides to send some monsters join the band and begins brainwashing people with her music. 

  • The Accident

    Divatox tries to make Carlos feel guilty when a player on his soccer team gets injured. Meanwhile, Elgar takes her not-yet-finished megazord to Earth. 

  • Cassie's Best Friend

    Mr. Goorific turns Cassie's dog, Jetson, into a person. Cassie thinks her dog has gone missing. Jetson, calling himself Jethro, helps Cassie look for her missing dog. Meanwhile, Elgar repairs his megazord.

  • The Curve Ball

    TJ is having trouble hitting a new kid's curve balls. Divatox sends Strikeout to defeat the rangers. TJ needs to find the secret to hitting curve balls in order to defeat the new monster. 

  • Carlos and the Count

    Carlos and Justin watch a horror movie. Divatox decides to send Count Nocturne to attack Carlos when he is on his way home. Count Nocturne bites Carlos turning him into a vampire. 

  • Little Strong Man

    Justin decides to try out for the high school track team. When an ant bites him, he becomes 100 times stronger than he should be. When Divatox finds out, she sends the Pirahantrons to capture him. 

  • The Rival Rangers

    Ashley tries to get a date to the dance from a boy Cassie likes. The boy ends up turning Ashley and Cassie against each other. 

  • Parts and Parcel

    TJ decides to help Bulk and Skull capture the day-time Thief. The thief turns out to be a bunch of Pirahantrons stealing electronics for Divatox. 

  • Chase Into Space, Part I

    Divatox has summoned a powerful monster to Earth which destroys both of the megazords. Demetria and the Blue Senturion have left for Eltar to help Zordon. And Divatox has launched an attack on the Power Chamber.

  • Chase Into Space, Part II

    Divatox succeeds in destroying the Power Chamber, causing the Rangers to be stripped of their powers. Dark Specter sends his messenger to tell Divatox he has captured Zordon. Divatox then leaves Earth for the Cimmerian Planet. With the Power Rangers powerless, they take one of NASADA's shuttles to Cimmerian Planet, leaving Justin behind, as he chose to stay behind with his dad. 

Season 6

Power Rangers in Space

Let's Rocket! It's time to set controls for outer space, where Andros the Red Ranger and Zhane the Silver Ranger join T.J., Cassie, Carlos & Ashley in their quest to free Zordon from Dark Specter.

  • From Out Of Nowhere, Part I

    A mysterious new Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of Dark Specter's alliance as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. Meanwhile, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley's space flight is interrupted when a large space craft (Astro Megaship) pulls them in.  

  • From Out Of Nowhere, Part II

    The Red Ranger finally reveals himself to be Andros and grants the four former Turbo Rangers their new powers. Together they are able to battle and defeat Astronema's forces for the first time using their new weapons and their new Astro Megazord (which links the space shuttle with the Astro Megaship). 

  • Save Our Ship

    The Power Rangers return to Earth with Andros and an explosive welcome from Ecliptor and Astronema, which threatens to make their stopover permanent. 

  • Shell Shocked

    Astronema uses her powers to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles evil, and has them con the Rangers into letting them on the Megaship, so they can take it over for her. 

  • Never Stop Searching

    Andros investigates some energy readings coming from KO-35, believing it to be his lost sister. What he finds is Ecliptor waiting for him instead. 

  • Satellite Search

    A satellite holding valuable information crash lands on the planet Kalderon. The Rangers find it, but Astronema battles the Rangers and steals it from them. She ties the Rangers up to be eaten by a Clawhammer. 

  • A Ranger Among Thieves

    Andros befriends a trio of thieves, who become endangered when a monster who can harness electricity attacks their stolen car hideout. 

  • When Push Comes to Shove

    Cassie is blackmailed into going out with a loser, who she finds out to not be such a bad guy. The date goes awry when one of Astronema's monster tries to knock down the building they are in, which happens to contain a nuclear device. 

  • The Craterite Invasion

    A Simudeck malfunction causes the Craterites to multiply, escape, and attack Angel Grove. 

  • The Wasp With A Heart

    A wasp monster doesn't have it in him to be evil, and he helps and befriends Cassie, who sticks up for him when confronted by the other Rangers. 

  • The Delta Discovery

    The Rangers investigate a planet on their search for Zordon, and find the Phantom Ranger, wounded from an attack by Divatox. He gives Andros a disk which gives him control of the Delta Megaship. 

  • The Great Evilyzer

    Professor Phenomenus develops a ray that can turn objects evil. Astronema decides to use it against the Power Rangers.

  • Grandma Matchmaker

    Ashley's grandmother visits Angel Grove intent on seeing Ashley engaged before she leaves, and she inadvertently gets caught up in one of the Rangers' battles. 

  • The Barillian Sting

    A sting from an alien insect causes Carlos to mutate. Carlos then stings Cassie, who also mutates. The Rangers manage to defeat the alien insect, turned into one of Astronema's monsters, and cure Cassie and Carlos before they destroy the ship. 

  • T.J.'s Identity Crisis

    A blow to the head causes TJ to lose his memory, just as three Rangers are captured by Darkonda, who has absorbed Ecliptor and become Darkliptor. 

  • Flashes of Darkonda

    Andros does some undercover work on an alien planet, where Darkonda is hanging out at a casino. Andros manages to beat a group of aliens in a game of cards, and win Zordon's key cards. Andros escapes the planet, and finally remembers that it was Darkonda who had kidnapped his long lost sister. 

  • The Rangers' Mega Voyage

    The Rangers find the location of the Mega Vehicles - five powerful space crafts which combine to form the Mega Voyager, and gain control of them with Zordon's key cards. 

  • True Blue to the Rescue

    The Rangers are captured by Astronema while saving Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. Storm Blaster escapes and brings back Blue Turbo Ranger Justin, who saves the Rangers 

  • Invasion of the Body Switcher

    A monster with the ability to alter appearances changes Astronema into Ashley, who sneaks aboard the Megaship. It's Ashley birthday and she is kidnapped and is tied up. 

  • Survival of the Silver

    While on a hostile alien world, the Megaship is attacked, damaging the cryogenic chamber which held Zhane, the Silver Ranger. As the Rangers defend the Megaship, Zhane steps out and lends a hand, much to the surprise of Andros, who had placed him in cryo-stasis due to serious injuries. 

  • Red With Envy

    Andros is infuriated when he notices Zhane try to put the moves on Ashley. This leads to him order that Zhane stay on the ship while the Rangers go down and battle, but it turns out that they really needed him, as Zhane goes down also and helps them out. 

  • The Silver Secret

    A diagnostic reveals that Zhane only has a limited time to stay morphed. Astronema deduces this, and sends down a monster to exploit this weakness. 

  • A Date With Danger

    When Astronema is attacked by one of her own monsters, Zhane comes to her rescue, and the two find that they are strongly attracted to each other. 

  • Zhane's Destiny

    The Rangers investigate readings from a planet, and find that the rebels from KO-35 have set up camp there. Darkonda is among them, in disguise as an officer, who tries to turn the people against the Rangers. 

  • Always A Chance

    During battle, Carlos accidentally injures Cassie, giving him serious doubts about whether he is fit to be a Power Ranger. By undergoing training with former Ranger Adam, he regains his confidence. When a monster attacks a powerless Carlos, Adam must once again morph into the Black Ranger to save him. 

  • The Secret of the Locket

    While fighting the Rangers, Astronema's locket is torn off. Andros finds it and discovers a picture of himself and his sister as children, meaning that Astronema is his long lost sister Karone.

  • Astronema Thinks Twice

    Astronema now knows her true past, and wonders whether or not she should be evil. She meets Andros on a desolate planet, and joins his side, leaving with him for the Megaship. 

  • The Rangers' Leap of Faith

    Astronema leads the Rangers to the planet where Zordon is being held captive. It turns out to be a trap, set up by Dark Specter to capture the Rangers.

  • Dark Specter's Revenge, Part I

    Dark Specter wants Astronema back, and to accomplish this, he sends an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Astronema sneaks aboard the Dark Fortress to divert the asteroid's course, but she is captured and reverted to being evil. Zhane return in time with his Mega Winger to help & the asteroid is set away from earth. 

  • Dark Specter's Revenge, Part II

    Andros & Zhane set out to find Krone but it turn out that she is evil again by Dark Specter change her back to Astronema. Andros & Zhane both got away on a Quantron's Fighter back to the Mega Ship. 

  • Rangers Gone Psycho

    Five imposters are wreaking havok throughout Angel Grove as Power Rangers. The real Rangers confront them, and they reveal themselves to be the Psycho Rangers, maniacal machines sent by Astronema. The Psychos read the Rangers' minds, and prove to be difficult to defeat with this knowledge of the Rangers' fighting techniques. 

  • Carlos On Call

    A little girl named Silvy discovers that Carlos is the Black Ranger when she find pictures of him morphing in a photo booth. She uses this knowledge to blackmail him into spending time with her, which drives Carlos nuts. 

  • A Rift In the Rangers

    Ashley and Cassie have a quarrel over doing chores on the Megaship. Psycho Yellow and Pink manage to capture Ashley.

  • Five of a Kind

    TJ comes up with a way to defeat the Psycho Rangers. Since they are designed to fight their respective Ranger color, the Rangers all disguise themselves as the Blue Ranger, and to confuse them even further, Zhane jumps in as Psycho Silver. 

  • Silence Is Golden

    The Psycho Rangers scour the city in search of the civilian Rangers in their demorph form, using voice recognition. Cassie is in town, and must remain quiet to avoid being found. 

  • The Enemy Within

    The Psycho Rangers have stolen the Mega Voyager. To get it back, the Power Rangers launch a surprise attack on the Psychos. 

  • Andros and the Stowaway

    While searching an alien planet, Andros saves a small alien creature which was enslaved by a monster. The monster wants his captive back, and the Rangers must defeat him to defend the small stowaway's freedom.

  • Mission to Secret City

    Astronema creates secret city, where one of her monsters teleports captives to, including Carlos, Andros and Silvy. With Silvy's help, Andros unleashes the true power of his battlizer, morphing into the Red Battlized Ranger. 

  • Ghosts in the Machine

    Astronema develops a machine that transforms matter into data. The ghosts of the Psycho Rangers use it in reverse, restoring them to our physical plane.

  • The Impenetrable Web

    Ecliptor gains access to the Astro Megaship and creates a web which prevents the Rangers from getting in. Ecliptor increases his powers and battles the Rangers, destroying the Delta Megazord in battle. 

  • A Line In the Sand

    A sinister humvee is tracking down the Rangers and teleporting them to a wasteland in the middle of nowhere. The Rangers lose The Mega Voyager in the battle with Tankenstein. 

  • Countdown to Destruction, Part I

    The Millennium Message has come to pass. Dark Specter sends the order for all villains in the universe to begin their assault on everything in sight. Divatox, Rita, Zedd, Astronema, and the Machine Empire overtake the Alien Rangers, Gold Ranger, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger, and the Space Rangers, in furious battles throughout the universe. Dark Specter and Darkonda destroy each other, and Astronema becomes the new monarch of evil. 

  • Countdown to Destruction, Part II

    Andros sneaks aboard the Dark Fortress to try to make her good again, but ends up having to defeat her in battle. He does find Zordon however, and by breaking his tube, releases a wave of energy that destroys the evil forces attacking, even reverting Astronema into Karone. After helping out on KO-35, the Space Rangers return to Earth having saved the galaxy. 

Season 7

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Go Galactic! Alpha 6 and D.E.C.A./the Astro Megaship are there to assist a new team of Rangers: Leo, Maya, Kai, Kendrix & Damon. As well as a new ally, the mysterious Magna Defender, who is a huge help against villains like Scorpius, Trakeena & Furio.

  • Loyax' Last Battle

    An ancient hero turned villain named Loyax asks Trakeena to give him a last battle with a worthy opponent, and she sends him to Terra Venture to fight the Rangers. He ends up fighting only Maya, who convinces him to be good again, but Deviot uses his backup plan to destroy him. 

  • A Red Romance

    Leo meets a girl named Ginger, who has an overprotective older brother. A monster appears and abducts Ginger, among others, and her brother tries to battle the monster himself. The Rangers destroy the monster, and get back all of the victims. 

  • The Chameliac Warrior

    Trakeena enlists the services of Chameliac, who can analyze and copy any maneuver and weapon he sees. He defeats the Rangers by using their own moves against them, but they defeat him by switching fighting styles. 

  • Blue to the Test

    One of Trakeena's monster takes control of Commander Stanton's mind, and has him set Terra Venture on a course towards a star. Only by disregarding the rules and following his instincts is Kai able to discover this plot, free Stanton, and save Terra Venture. 

  • Mean Wheels Mantis

    A motorcycle riding Mantis captures Maya and Kendrix. The other Rangers must defeat him in a race to get them back, but the Astro Cycles aren't fast enough. By communicating with the Lion Galactabeast, Leo is able to transform his cycle into the Capsular Cycle, defeat the Mantis, and save the girls.

  • Green Courage

    Holding High Commander Renier hostage, Trakeena demands that Terra Venture send her a mechanic to fix the Scorpion Stinger. Damon volunteers, and while he works on the engine, Leo sneaks in and frees the Commander. 

  • Quasar Quest, Part I

    The GSA are preparing to launch Terra Venture, a space colony on a mission to find a new world. However, a man named Leo also wants to travel aboard Terra Venture but has been denied a passport, and so he secretly climbs aboard a plane and ends up on a last minute training session with some of the other Terra Venture fighters. Here he meets Kendrix, Kai and surprisingly to them all, Leo's brother Mike. On the planet of Mironoi, an evil villain named Furio (working on behalf of a creature named Scorpius) is trying to steal the Quasar Sabers, five great swords with immense power that have been put in a rock 3000 years ago waiting for the chosen five to take them and protect the Earth from the evil Scorpius. Maya, a local girl of Mironoi, is trying to escape from the Sting Wingers. In her attempts to escape she ends up going through a portal and meets Mike, Leo, Kai and Kendrix. Here she asks them for help. Mike and Kendrix go back with Maya to see if they can help her. After being told not to come along and to stay with Kai, Leo runs in after them, to see what the other side of the portal has to offer. 

  • Quasar Quest, Part II

    Kai feels guilty about leaving his fellow teammates behind, and decides to go after them aboard the Astro Megaship which is now a museum. The ship's mechanic Damon, along with Alpha 6, doesn't think that the ship will fly as it has been out of action for so long. But after a while Damon lends a helping hand and the Astro Megaship is flying once again and they find another wormhole and go through it. Meanwhile Leo has caught up with Mike, Maya and Kendrix. They try and help Maya's townspeople fight off Furio and the Sting Wingers. During the fight with Scorpius, Mike takes the Quaser Saber out of the rock with great ease, which then prompts Maya, Kai, Kendrix and Damon to do the same, also with great ease, showing that they are the chosen ones. Furious that he cannot have the Quaser Sabers, Furio turns the whole of Mironoi into stone, along with the people of Mironoi. Mike, Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya and Kendrix manage to escape, but then Furio appears and creates a huge chasm in the ground, leaving Mike hanging on to the side of the wall. Leo comes to help but only manages to save the Quasar Saber. With Mike gone, the five brave heroes morph in Power Rangers and battle off Furio and the remaining Sting Wingers. The Megaship escapes just as Mirinoi turns to stone, and takes the new Rangers back to Terra Venture, which sets off on its long journey. Scorpius however follows the Rangers through the portal and swears revenge on the Rangers and Terra Venture. 

  • Race to the Rescue

    After hearing some strange animal noises, Maya, along with Leo and Damon go to investigate only to be stopped by troops of Scorpius who have captured five gigantic and powerful, but with the addition of Kai and Kendrix they rescue the sacred animals who turn out to be the Galactabeasts. Scorpius sends Furio and a monster named Radster to Terra Venture to capture the Quasar Sabers where they prove to be a match for the Rangers. Using a potion, Radster grows to giant size however the Galactabeasts, wanting to return the favor, arrive on Terra Venture. Working together, Leo and the Lion Galactabeast destroy the monster. 

  • Rookie in Red

    Scorpius meets with a weapons dealer named Horn and employs him to steal the Quasar Sabers. Kai is asked by Commander Stanton to train Leo as an officer due to high scores he got in an ability test. After Leo doesn't listen to Kai and forgets to lock the Weapon Bay door, Horn breaks in and steals them all. Leo, feeling guilty, goes after Horn by himself. After tricking the monster, Leo and the other rangers get the Quasar Sabers back as well as the powerful Transdaggers which Horn also possessed. 

  • Homesick

    A young boy named Matthew is a stowaway, found in the ship's control bay trying to turn the ship around because he wants to go home, but because Terra Venture can't replace the supplies that would be used in returning to Earth, it cannot be done. Commander Stanton tells him he has to adjust to life on Terra Venture. Whilst he is learning the ropes with Damon, Terra Venture is attacked by a monster named Gasser who puts everyone to sleep. Damon leaves Matthew and morphs with the rest of the rangers, leaving Matthew to fend for himself when he is under attack by Furio and Sting Wingers. Matthew runs into the control base to look for help when he finds everyone is asleep. Ripping his suit, Matthew uses the rest of his willpower to lock Furio and the Sting Wingers in the lift. Meanwhile the Galactabeasts arrive and suck up the gas but are turned to stone in the process. Wanting to restore their friends, the Rangers infuse the Galactabeasts with the power of the Transdaggers. Using this, not only are the Galactabeasts restored but also gain the ability to transform into Galactazords. Using the new Galaxy Megazord, Gasser is quickly destroyed. Matthew is awarded a medal for his heroism, but all the boy wants is to return home. As a thank you for helping out, the Rangers decide to take him in the Astro Megaship. 

  • The Lights of Orion

    hilst investigating some energy readings they found, Maya and Kendrix are ambushed by Furio, Trakeena and Sting-Wingers. All hope looks lost, but then the other rangers come with their new Astro Cycles and rescue them. Furio then shows the rangers a large box, which has Mike inside. Leo goes after them and finds the box, but Mike isn't in there. The other rangers come and find Leo watching Furio and Trakeena; they make a plan which gives Leo a chance to free Mike. Mike tells Leo of the Lights of Orion and that they need to get them before Furio can. They go to the cave where they are kept, Leo finds the box, but then is attacked by Mike afterwards who takes the box and leaves Leo in the cave alone. Mike turns out to be a monster named Mutantrum who then gives the box to Furio, but is stopped by Leo. Mutantrum grows and the rangers call upon their megazord for help, who destroy the monster. Furio gets the box, only to discover that there was nothing in it. 

  • Double Duty

    The rangers notice in a magazine that a famous actress named Carolyn, looks a lot like Kendrix; they go and investigate to see in real life if she does. Once near, a monster named Wise Wizrad attacks a camera, that Carolyn and her crew were using, in hopes of finding the lights of orion. In the chaos, the monster attacks Kendrix's leg but she feels fine after a little while, whilst Carolyn fakes a leg injury, so her manager asks Kendrix to take over until her leg gets better, she agrees, but doesn't do a great job. After the pain from her leg comes back at the last scene, she is determined to finish it, and just as she does the Wise Wizard turns up again, destroying another one of their cameras. With the other rangers help, they fight off the monster, but then he grows to an enormous size. With the Galactabeasts' help, they destroy the Wise Wizard. 

  • The Blue Crush

    Whilst on babysitting duty, watching Commander Stanton's daughter Jodie, Kai falls for an attractive woman named Hannah. The next day, Kai coincidentally bumps into Hannah and are under attack by another one of Furio's monsters. As Kai and Hannah are escaping, she notices a man in her car named Johnny, who Kai thinks is her fiancé; Kai helps free Johnny and destroys the monster but is left feeling upset, until Jodie comes to bring Kai a package from Hannah saying that her sister's wedding was great and that she made a great bridesmaid for her. 

  • The Magna Defender

    Thinking that he might be able to find a clue to his brother's whereabouts, Leo goes back to the caves where Furio lies, thinking that he has found the Lights Of Orion. As the battle commences, they realise they are equally matched, so Furio decided to self-destruct himself and Leo, just as the other rangers turn up to help. Among the cloud we aee the Magna Defender, holding Leo, who is unconscious. Leo, back on the ship, thinks about the person who rescued him and decides yet again to go back to the cave to see what Furio was looking for, he finds a stone with something inside of it which might of caught Furio's eye and takes it back to the ship to have Kendrix look at it. Unable to open the stone, she takes it to another lab on Terra Venture and is attacked by a monster. The Magna Defender and the other rangers join the battle but loose the stone to the monster. As Trakeena and co. try to open the stone, the rangers and Magna Defender appear. With an attack from the Magna Defender's sword, he cracks the stone open and was surprised like everyone that the stone was empty. He battled another one of Scorpio's monsters, who fled after a while, whilst the rangers dealt with another. 

  • The Sunflower Search

    The Magna Defender explains that Scorpius killed his son, and now he is after revenge for his son. Believing that the Lights of Orion are in sunflower statues, the rangers and the Magna Defender try to stop Scorpius' monster, but the Magna Defender is careless and almost nearly hurts a few civilians. 

  • Silent Sleep

    The Chilly-Fish monster is going out and freezing the city. The rangers go out to investigate and get attacked by the monster, leaving all the rangers except Leo, frozen. After thinking that the Lights Of Orion may unfreeze the rest of the colony, he tries to fight them off the Magna Defender, and from an accidental blast from the Magna Defender, he releases them. Leo then discovers that the animals are not affected by the Chilly-Fish's attacks, so he goes to find the horse he was on before. With the horse's help, he goes after the Chilly-Fish and destroys him. He then grows to a great size, prompting the Magna Defender to get his zord out and fight the monster, and defeats him. 

  • Orion Rising

    After eating a cake Kendrix baked for Damon, unknowingly, Maya and Kendrix have an argument which escalates into a fight with one of Scorpius' monsters, Destructo. Maya later realises the cake was for Damon's birthday and apologises to Kendrix, they both make up and with the help of the other rangers, they fight off the monster who escapes. Are they any closer to finding the lights of orion? 

  • Orion Returns

    Maya has a dream about the Lights of Orion, and when she wakes up the other rangers, they all see them in outer space. Unfortunately, so does Scorpius, who fires at the rangers ship to stp them. The rangers carry on their pursuit of the lights, which have gone to Terra Venture but Destructo has stopped them and captured the lights. However, one of Trakeena's monsters, Impostra has the power to disguise herself as anyone, and she has disguised herself as Treacheron and has ordered Destructo to use the lights on himself first to make sure they 'work', with as a gift, a necklace of beads. The rangers are attacked by some sting-wingers and then again by Destructo who uses up most of their energy, until the beads take their effect upon Destructo and start to weaken him, to the joy of Impostra, who disappears after the Magna Defender attacks her. A battle escalates between the Magna Defender and now a weakened Destructo and the lights are released from him and are given to the rangers. Now with the Lights of Orion, the rangers defeat Destructo and the Magna Defender escapes. 

  • Shark Attack

    Realising Trakeena framed him, Treacheron sets her up to find the Silver Goblet. However, when she finds it, Treacheron appears stating it's a fake and a battle begins between the two, until the rangers interferes with them. A cowardly Trakeena runs off, only to be stopped by the Magna Defender who still wants revenge, but as he is about to exact his revenge, something stops him and Trakeena runs off yet again. The rangers still are fighting off Treacheron and his shark monsters, but when Leo is distracted by a voice, Treacheron attacks him, leaving him severely wounded. Treacheron sends the Shark brothers down to draw the other rangers out, which they do, but as the rangers try to activate the lights of orion. they are stopped, unknowingly because all 5 are needed for the lights to be activated. Meanwhile, Leo, whilst resting, hears the voice he heard earlier, which is now clear to be Mike, telling him that the rangers need his help. Now at the scene, Leo and the other rangers activate the lights of orion and battle off the Shark brothers. Treacheron however, vowed to finish Leo, and their battle commenced, with Leo finally destroying him. The Shark brothers grow to defeat the rangers; and with their megazord boosted with the power from Lights of Orion, they destroy them with ease. 

  • Redemption Day

    The evil space ship is losing fuel quick, and Scorpius thinks that Terra Venture is the best place to sort out his problems. Leo and Maya run as they see the ship outside the colony and re-group with the other rangers as they soon find out that Scorpius is trying to steal their energy. The rangers also notice that the Magna Defender is trying to blow up the colony in an attempt to get his revenge on Scorpius. The rangers try to stop him and so does Scorpius by sending down a monster called Freak-Tikki. After his own zord denies him, the Magna Defender is then attacked by the Freak-Tikki monster and Leo tries to help him. The other rangers battle of the monster whilst Leo and the Magna Defender escape. The Magan Defender explains to Leo that his brother is alive, inside of him and the only way to save him is to destroy Magna Defender himself. Leo refuses and goes to help the other rangers fight Freak-Tikki. After being destroyed and growing to an enormous size, the rangers call upon their zords and destroy him again. The volcano however, is still ready to erupt and the rangers can't reach it because of the flames coming out of it and after hearing a message from his son, the Magna Defender sacrifices himself to save the colony, and brings Mike back to the rangers. 

  • Destined for Greatness

    Leo's feeling down because he thinks that Mike should have the red rangers powers as he took the sword from the stone. Skeletron captures 4 of the 5 rangers in mirrors, leaving Mike and Leo to rescue them. Mike reassures Leo that it was his destiny to be the red ranger, giving Leo the boost he needed. But after freeing his friends and using the megazord to battle off a bigger Skeletron, the rangers are helpless to defend themselves. The spirit of the Magna Defender comes back to Mike to give him his powers to become the new Magna Defender. With this new power, Mike defeats the Skeletron monster. 

  • Stolen Beauty

    After hearing from her monster that she isn't the prettiest girl in the world, Trakeena orders him to steal the beauty of all the attractive women of Terra Venture. After she tries to trick Mike, he understands what's been going on and destroys her monster, with the rangers help. Meanwhile, Trakeena has scurried home, but her father said it' time for her to go through her full metamorphosis but she refuses and runs away making Scorpius angry. 

  • The Rescue Mission

    A rescue team led by Mike follows a distress call to an abandoned space ship. There they find a spider monster who captures most of the crew. Mike and Leo free the team, and retrieve a mysterious book, just before the ship explodes.

  • The Lost Galactabeasts, Part I

    Deviot appears uninvited on the Scorpion Stinger with a proposal. He will offer Scorpius the services of his powerful Zords in exchange for being his second in command, and entering the cocoon meant for Trakeena. Kendrix stumbles across a page with a drawing of the Galactabeasts in the book that Leo found. Deviot travels to Terra Venture, and attacks Damon and Kai. He defeats them with no problem, and takes them away to another planet. They awaken with mind controlling shackles on. Once activated, they make the Rangers fight each other, so that their energy can power Deviot's Zords. Kendrix shows Maya what she found - a piece of the page revealing that there are three more Galactabeasts. Maya tells Kendrix that she had been sensing that they are nearby. Leo, Kendrix, and Maya get back to quarters, and find Kai and Damon missing. When Leo gets no response from either of their communicators, they suspect trouble, and take off. As the two Rangers battle each other, Damon gains control long enough to hurl his sword at Deviot's machine, freeing him and Kai from the shackles. Deviot summons Stratoforce and Centaurus, two mighty Zords that attack the Rangers. The Galactazords refuse to fight their own kind, and as a result, get easily wrecked by Deviot's Zords. With the Rangers' Zords on the ropes, Deviot calls off his Zords. Deviot's performance convinces Scorpius to accept his deal. He shall have the cocoon's powers if he destroys the Rangers. Kendrix and Maya struggle to translate the Galaxy book, hoping to find a way to defeat Deviot's powerful Zords. 

  • The Lost Galactabeasts, Part II

    Deviot summons the Hardtochoke monster, and gives him the remote that controls his evil Zords to go and destroy Terra Venture with. Hardtochoke arrives on the station, and summons the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, which begin demolishing all buildings in sight. Maya chats with the Galactabeasts, and tries to convince them to fight the evil Zords to protect the people, and themselves. Mike dispatches the Terra Venture armed forces. He finds Kendrix in the science division, trying to translate the Galaxy book. On their way to battle the Zords on the Astro Cycles, Leo, Kai, and Damon are ambushed by Sting Wingers. Damon and Kai hold them back, and Leo continues. The Galactabeasts have arrived on the scene. They try to hold off the evil Zords, but are getting badly beaten. When Leo falls into a trap set up by Sting Wingers, Maya and Mike appear to free him, and battle more Sting Wingers as Leo continues his mission. Kendrix has finally decoded a page, which reveals that Deviot's evil Zords are actually the three lost Galactabeasts. She takes off to warn the Rangers. As Leo charges to attack the Zords, Kendrix intervenes, and tells him that they are really Galactbeasts, and that's why their beasts won't fight them. The team confronts Deviot and Hardtochoke on a rooftop, where they are controlling the Zords. Deviot reveals the story of how he acquired these Zords. The Rangers attack Hardtochoke, and Leo manages to grab the remote, but the monster quickly destroys it. Hardtochoke grows. The Rangers call on their Zords, and Torozord is struck with a crippling blow from the monster. Stratoforce and Centaurus proceed to thoroughly trash the Galaxy Megazord, while the Rangers try to convince the Zords that they're not evil. The plan worked - Stratoforce and Centaurus are good again! The two Zords turn to Hardtochoke, and attack him with their special weapons - a cannon, and a boomerang. With Hardtochoke on the ropes, Galaxy Megazord finishes the job with a good slash from its saber. Deviot is not happy about losing his Zords. He plots to kill Scorpius, take the powers of the cocoon, and take his place on the throne. 

  • Heir to the Throne

    Trakeena escapes the planet Onyx, where she is trained by Villamax. Meanwhile, Deviot sets Scorpius up to be killed by the Power Rangers. When Trakeena hears of this, she races back to the Scorpion Stinger to assume command, just in time to prevent Deviot from using her coccoon. 

  • An Evil Game

    Trakeena captures Leo to make him pay for killing her father. The two fight one on one, until Deviot's hitmen try to kill Trakeena. She turns the tables on the assassins, and Leo escapes while the villains are distracted. 

  • Memories of Mirinoi

    One of Maya's old friend Shondra appears on Terra Venture. Kendrix's suspicions of her are proven to be true, when Maya finds Shondra stealing the Galaxy Book. Shondra reveals herself to be one of Trakeena's monster, and the Rangers destroy her and retrieve the book. 

  • To the Tenth Power

    When Deviot brings the Psycho Rangers back, the Space Rangers come to Terra Venture to help our heroes defeat these maniacal menaces. 

  • The Power of Pink

    When Cassie and Kendrix battle Psycho Pink, she uses the Savage Sword to destroy Cassie's morpher, causing a pink energy storm. Kendrix walks through the storm, and destroys the Savage Sword at the center, but loses her life in the process. 

  • Protect the Quasar Saber

    The Pink Quasar Saber makes it way to Onyx, where it is put up for auction. It is stolen by Karone, posing as Astronema. She narrowly escapes Trakeena and her goons, and makes it to the Rangers, who she ends up joining as the new Pink Ranger. 

  • Facing the Past

    Karone and Leo travel to a planet to restore Leo's powers after the Magnetox monster destroys them. A vision of Astronema makes Karone face her evil past, but she overcomes her demons, and obtains the magical key which gives Leo his powers back, in addition to giving him super armor. 

  • Turn Up the Volume

    Damon competes for the position of chief mechanic. He is beaten by Baxter, who steals his plans to win. Baxter and Damon must then team up to defeat the Decibat monster, by using the machine Damon invented. 

  • Enter the Lost Galaxy

    The Guardian arrives on Terra Venture, to get the Galaxy Book back. Deviot interferes, and the Guardian is killed, passing on the role of guardian to Kai. Deviot gets the book, and transports Terra Venture into the lost galaxy. 

  • Beware the Mutiny

    Terra Venture is greeted in the Lost Galaxy by Captain Mutiny, who the Rangers discover runs a slave camp, and is looking to add the colony's citizens to his work force. Mutiny unleashes the Grunchor monster on Terra Venture, which burrows underground. 

  • Grunchor on the Loose

    The Rangers race to find the Grunchor monster, who is causing massive earthquakes and destruction on the station. He surfaces at the command of Barbarax, and attacks the Rangers, who destroy him with fire. 

  • Until Sunset

    Leo and Damon are captured by Captain Mutiny and hung out to bake in the sun. As they roast, they remember their past adventure as Rangers. The others find them and set them free. 

  • Dream Battle

    Mutiny's latest crewmember, Hexuba, casts a dream spell on the Rangers, making them fight battles in their mind as they sleep. Mike fights off the spell long enough to find Hexuba's hideout and break the spell. 

  • Hexuba's Graveyard

    Hexuba resurrects past monsters, and sends them down to Terra Venture. The Rangers wear themselves out battling monster after monster, but Kai travels to the source, a graveyard, and puts an end to Hexuba's voodoo. 

  • Raise the Titanisaur

    Captain Mutiny decides to unleash his most fearsome monster against the Rangers - the Titanisaur. The Rangers and their Megazords must combine all of their powers and give it all they've got to defeat this creature. 

  • Escape the Lost Galaxy

    Barbarax captures several citizens of Terra Venture to work in the slave camps, including Mike. Leo and Kai find a way to reopen the portal back to their universe, but Terra Venture can't move fast enough to get through it. Mike frees the slaves and then forces the portal open in Torozord, but in doing so, loses his powers. 

  • Journey's End, Part I

    Deviot returns to the Scorpion Stinger, begging Trakeena to take him back. She isn't falling for his charm this time, and sicks Villamax on him. The battle leads to the storage area, where Deviot grabs Trakeena and plunges into the coccoon with her. Villamax helplessly watches. A single being emerges. Trakeena and Deviot have fused into one! It is mostly Trakeena, with a few shades of Deviot. With only one good engine left, Stanton decides that the colony must land. He shows high command, and the citizens, a new, nearby world he has discovered, prefect for human life. As Terra Venture prepares to land, it is attacked by the Scorpion Stinger. It blasts away at the lesser domes. Leo gets an idea. He and Damon steal a case of explosives from a Terra Venture cargo truck. Damon lures the Scorpion Stinger into following him as he runs down one of the access tubes. The Stinger's pinchers nearly miss Damon while Leo sneaks up on a pincer and plants the explosive on it. Both Rangers make tracks as it counts down. The bomb blows up in the Stinger's face, hurling it off into space, away from the colony. With all engines destroyed, Terra Venture is forced to crash land on a moon. The main city dome detaches, as the rest is destroyed. The citizens of the colony try to pick up the pieces from the crash. But they aren't safe yet - the dome is cracking. The dome won't hold out much longer, and the city is nearly in ruins. The ship is dying, and Commander Stanton makes a command decision to evacuate Terra Venture. Trakeena prepares her Sting Wingers for a massive invasion. Each Winger has explosives strapped to it. Hordes of them will self-destruct and destroy anything they latch onto. Everyone is rounded up into shuttles to begin evacuation to the new world. Trakeena gleefully watches as Terra Venture nears its doom. 

  • Journey's End, Part II

    Stratoforce and Centaurus stand guard as the Sting Wingers approach the colony. The onslaught is too much, as they overwhelm the Zords, and slip by into the colony. The Rangers face the army of incoming Sting Wingers, and fight them with everything they've got. The Wingers' strategy of latching onto Rangers and exploding is wearing them down fast. Vilamax watches in disgrace as Trakeena sends her soldiers to their own deaths, and to harm innocent people no less. Villamax saves a little girl from the wreckage of a demolished building. She gives him a flower, which moves the honorable warrior. Outside the dome, the Megazords are destroyed, as the numerous Wingers self-destruct while latched onto them. Battered and beaten, the Rangers regroup after an exhausting triumph over all remaining Sting Wingers. Terra Venture has successfully completed evacuation procedures. Several shuttles carrying passengers head for the new world. Trakeena orders Villamax to open fire on the shuttles, but he refuses, saying there is no honor in such a brutal and pointless assault. Enraged with his insubordination, she ruthlessly attacks and kills him. Kegler hardly has a chance to mourn, and is threatened back into service. Villamax's sacrifice gave the Rangers enough time to bring around the Astro Megaship and open fire on the Scorpion Stinger. The Stinger rams the Astro Megaship, and grabs it in its pinchers, causing severe damage. The Rangers have no choice but to have the ship self-destruct, and escape on the Jammers. The Rangers just barely clear the explosion, but it sends Alpha and Leo hurlinginto space. The explosion sends the Stinger reeling, and it crash lands on the moon, near the city dome. The shuttles have safely made it to the new world, and the passengers rejoice. The Rangers land on the new world, and find Alpha crash landed in some bushes. However, there is no sign of Leo as he has crashed onto the moon, near the Scorpion Stinger and the city dome. He tries to radio his teammates, but he is out of range. Trakeena staggers around in the wreckage of the Scorpion Stinger. She makes it to the storage chamber, and prepares to enter the coccoon. 

  • Journey's End, Part III

    Trakeena uses the coccoon, and emerges as a slimy insectoid monster. Down on the new world, the Rangers continue searching for Leo. Leo finds the Scorpion Stinger, and follows Trakeena's slime trail all the way to the city dome. Trakeena spikes her staff into the ground, energizing everything, and powering up the city dome. The city dome lifts off, and heads for the new world to destroy the camp set up by the people. Leo finds Trakeena, and the two battle it out. Leo is no match against Trakeena's new powers. When the Rangers find out that Leo is in the city dome, they fly there on the Jammers and help him fight Trakeena. They unleash the Quasar Launchers, but they are of no use - Trakeena easily deflects the blast back at them. Maya and Karone grab a hold of Trakeena and set her up for an attack by Leo in his Capsular Cycle. The attack tosses Trakeena aside, but she is still not down. Leo puts on his armor and grabs Trakeena with a claw. He pulls her in close and fires at point blank range. The explosion seemingly destroys both Trakeena and the Red Ranger. The Rangers think Leo has been killed, but he crawls out of the wreckage. The city dome is still headed for the camp on the new world, and the Rangers have no idea how to stop it! The Galaxy Megazord finally appears, and steers the city dome away from a collision course with the camp. It crashes in the distance, and explodes. Just as the people begin to think that the Rangers are dead, they emerge from the smoke with their Galactabeasts, alive and kicking. As the Rangers head towards camp, the people run towards the Rangers, and congratulate their saviors on a job well done. The Galactabeasts call the Rangers into the forest, where Maya makes a surprising discovery - they have landed on Mirinoi! With their quest completed, the Rangers find the stone and the place the Quasar Sabers back into it. The energy from the Sabers restores the people of Mirinoi, who had been previously turned to stone by Furio. Kendrix miraculously returns also! She thanks Karone for filling in for her. Everyone celebrates under the fireworks, even the Galactabeasts. A new world, a new beginning. 

Volume 8

Enjoy rarely seen archival footage, exclusive new featurettes and interviews with the cast, creators and fans.

  • Power Rangers: Bonus Disc 1

    • Morphin Time! - A look back at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with members of the cast, crew and creative team
    • A Morphenomenal Cast - Casting Director Katy Wallin and the cast recall what it took to become Power Rangers
    • Lord Zedd's Monster Heads: The Greatest Villians of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995 Direct-to-VHS Title)
    • Alpha's Magical Christmas (1994 Direct-to-VHS Title)
    • The Good, The Bad and The Stupid: The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull (1995 Direct-to-VHS Title)
  • Power Rangers: Bonus Disc 2

    • The Fans Power Up - A Peek Inside the Fandom as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans Remember the Series.
    • Rare Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Official Fan Club Video (1994 VHS)
    • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata (1995 VHS)
    • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live: The World Tour (1995 Direct-to-VHS Title)
  • Power Rangers: Bonus Disc 3

    • Tales of the Giant Banana: A Look Back at Bulk and Skull - Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy look back at the fun and chemistry behind fan-favorite characters Bulk and Skull
    • Behind The Mask: Celebrating the Stunt Team - Stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt and stunt team members Bridgett Riley and Sophia Crawford recall what it really took to be a Power Ranger
    • A Convention With Attitude: Power Morphicon - An intimate look into the fan-created convention exclusively honoring Power Rangers!
    • Power Playback: Power Rangers Funniest Moments - Hosted by Johnny Yong Bosch (1998 TV Special)
    • Power Rangers: The Lost Episode - Hosted by Austin St. John and Walter Emmanuel Jones (1999 TV Special)
    • "It's Comin": Zeo Serial (1996 sneak preview promo series)
    • "Gold Lining": Zeo Promo (1996)
    • "Stick Together" Music Video, sung by Nakia Burrise (1996)

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