Submarines: Sharks of Steel

Submarines: Sharks of Steel

Submarines: Sharks of Steel

Over 3 hours on 4 DVDs

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Come aboard and explore the exciting world of submarines

This deep sea documentary takes you into the life of a submariner, through nefarious waters. Explore the belly of the beast learn why only the fittest survive the voyage.


On a modern nuclear submarine, the distinction between night and day becomes a blur. Isolation, confinement, and intense pressure mark an endless cycle of six hour shifts.

In The Belly of The Beast

With the first breach of a submarine's double hull at depth, water spikes like a metal rod crushing everything in its path. The slightest error in judgment could result in grounding, propulsion failure or worse...a reactor meltdown.

The Hunters and The Hunted

As early as the Civil War, a new breed of predator appeared in the seas and in one frightening instant forever changed the balance of world power. The submarine evolved into the most terrifying weapon of mass destruction ever seen.

The Hidden Threat

Riding the razor thin edge of mutually assured destruction, U.S. and Russian nuclear submarine forces wage a secret war. It's a deadly game of cat and mouse, hidden from the outside world.

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