Suze Orman’s Financial Security Now + Financial Power Pack

Suze Orman’s Financial Security Now + Financial Power Pack

Limited Time Offer! $30 Off Original Price!

Limited Time Offer! $30 Off Original Price!

A $2,644 value for only $149.90! Includes Free Shipping

USD$179.90 USD$149.90 Installment pricing available

Suze Makes It Easy to Protect Your Loved Ones

Protect all you’ve worked for now!  Suze takes the complexity out of personal finance. With Suze Orman’s Financial Security Now + Financial Power Pack, you’ll get the “Must Have” Documents, the 8 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make DVD Series, Suze’s online Insurance Selector, and the Grab ‘n’ Go File Portfolio.

Plus, you’ll get Suze’s Financial Solutions 11 DVD collection with Suze’s most popular advice from her long-running CNBC show, and you’ll receive access to Suze’s exclusive Personal Finance Online Course.

Gain peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are protected.

Must Have Documents & Insurance Evaluator

An easy, interactive online program to create the legal documents you need to protect you and your family. 

1. Will

2. Revocable Trust

3. Advance Directive & Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

4. Financial Power of Attorney

Suze's state-of-the-art online program makes it easy to create the 4 "Must Have" documents you need to protect your tomorrows today. Spend just 30 - 60 minutes answering basic questions online and the correct legal documents will be personalized and generated just for you. If you went to an attorney to draft these documents, it would cost $2,500 on average. Now, you can do it yourself, using the documents Suze herself uses.

  • A $2,500 value
  • Share with your family members at no extra cost!
  • Eligible for free upgrades any time the program updates
  • Suze explains everything every step of the way
  • Help is available by phone, chat or email for any additional questions you may have
  • Includes 75 additional important documents and 93 essential web links 

Suze provides detailed instructions in her online program, including how to fund your Trust. Be sure to follow the directions closely and complete all steps. If the trust is not funded, then it is not valid. 

8 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

In these DVDs, Suze has distilled 35 years of experience in one collection of essential advice. "Financial security is about you earning it. .. but not losing it." 

Have you ever borrowed from your 401K? Leased a car? Purchased a loaded mutual fund? If so, you've made a big mistake. Don't worry, just do something about it. Now you can avoid the common mistakes people make that erode their financial security -- with Suze's brand new, exclusive DVD series: 

  1. Dealing with Debt: Learn How to Get Out and Stay Out of Debt
  2. Big Ticket Items: Stay Smart When Buying a Home or Cars
  3. Smart Investing: Make the Most Out of Your Money
  4. Annuities: Which to Avoid and Why
  5. Retirement Planning: You've Earned It. Don't Lose It.
  6. Insurance: Know What Makes Sense
  7. Social Security & Identity Theft
  8. Financial Advisor Checklist: Making Sure You Have the Best Advice

Insurance Selector

Find out if you have the right coverage before it's too late

Suze's online Insurance Selector is a one-of-a-kind program that provides you with a personalized evaluation of your insurance needs, including whether you're over or under insured. You get quick, easy-to-understand advice that can save you money.

  • Evaluates: Home, Auto, Life, Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance
  • Identifies ways you can save money
  • Includes Suze's Home Inventory Tracker, an easy way to document your valuables in case of a claim 

Grab ‘n’ Go File Portfolio

One convenient place for all your most important documents

Take the guesswork out of knowing where you put your vital documents.
The Grab 'n' Go File Portfolio has 10 pre-labeled files for the most important areas of your life including: taxes, investments, retirement, home ownership, insurance, Social Security, and estate planning.

It's the perfect place to store your "Must Have" documents so you always know
where to find them.

Financial Power Pack

Complete your collection with Suze Orman’s Financial Power Pack.  

Financial Solutions 11 DVD Set – The best of Suze’s most popular advice segments from her Emmy-winning CNBC show: One on One with Suze, Can I Afford it? How Am I Doing? Plus everything you need to know about Credit & Debt, Student Loans, Real Estate, Love & Money, and more!

Suze Orman’s Personal Finance Online Course – Learn how to take control of your finances in 7 easy lessons including:

  • The fastest way to get out of debt

  • Which retirement accounts are best

  • How to avoid investment fees

  • Suze’s home buying rules

  • Choosing the right life insurance

  • The best way to save for college

  • How to lower your home & car insurance payments 

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